• s0phiaeva@photojojo has such fun things:) like baby #dinosaurs oh yea this new flash is kinda cool :) #nikon

  • teenyjesusfreakLove!
  • s0phiaeva@teenyjesusfreak ha it's pretty cool!!
  • pcoladreamerCool I got the white lens thermos, and a green dinosaur, hows that flash work?
  • s0phiaeva@pcoladreamer ha aren't they the best!! The ring can either attach to pretty much any lens (it comes with a handful of adaptor rings) or it takes place of the actual flash like in the picture.. I'm still playing around with it but it's pretty cool :).
  • cameltoefiascoI want to buy that same flash. How's it work? Is it easy to use? Is the lighting good or too much?
  • s0phiaeva@cameltoefiasco it's pretty cool for portraits. I'm honestly still getting the hang of it and just trying it on different cameras but I don't hate it :)
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