TWO DAYS. #BehindTheLightTour
  • phillphillTWO DAYS. #BehindTheLightTour

  • averybeesonJust found out I'm going to your concert in AZ and CRIED!😍😭
  • weathcro#unpackyourheart
  • katieskennelI will see you in Council Bluffs, IA at the Stir Cove on the 15th. I have been obsessed with you since AI (in a totally healthy, I think your sound is amazing way). I turn 30 on the 30th (my golden bday!!!!) and I get to see you this weekend, and have meet and greet passes! If you want to check out the CWS scene while you're in town, we'd love to show you around!! If not, see you Sunday!!
  • raeannemarie__I remember getting concert tix for my teachers and bringing them to your concert here in winnipeg 3 months ago, and i also remember when you gave a rose to me FYI you are the first guy to give me a rose.
  • dianelimsyPhilippines, pleeeaase.
  • smulchsGood luck ull do great!
  • laurenkuglerMy swim coach is going to c u
  • sarah_robin18I can't believe you will not be in Oklahoma it breaks my heart 💔😞 @phillphill
  • leedashamssPlease come to Toronto!!!!!
  • loverturfCan't wait to see you on Thursday at the Fox!!!!
  • laurenso_01OMGOSH I CANNOT WAIT!!!!
  • yegane.katiraeeI love searchinglight and lead on <3 <3
  • frank4lifeWhat! No Nashville?!?!???!!!!!!? 😡
  • jessrut90I need to go to this!!!! 😮😮
  • westlakerealtorHmmmm don't see Austin anywhere on the tour !
  • kingkingssssWonder...ful!
  • isarovski_Waiting for you in Brazil :)
  • g_soares1997Come to Brazil!! You are awesome!!
  • rachbrew4Phillphill
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