Music heals @justinbieber
  • scooterbraunMusic heals @justinbieber

  • jdb1.2.3Awww
  • uzb_lyudi_@scooterbraun 👍
  • sanasafder_Just wanted to let you know that I am a huge Justin Bieber Fan! I love him soo much! I leave him message on Instagram everyday, but he never answers, but I learnt to NEVER SAY NEVER, that is why I still try everyday, he is the reason I wake up with a smile on my face everyday, I've been with him from the beginning, through thick and thin, I've never left him, and I never will! I just hope that he would notice me, but maybe you can help? If you can can you please comment back or check out my profile, although I have never met Justin, I hope to one day, I just hope that you will see this comment and either check out my profile, or comment back. It would mean the world to me! I love him soo much, that words can't even explain how much ! I just really hope that you will see this comment and plzzz check out my profile! ❤️❤️ thanks anyways. 😘😘❤️❤️
  • raphaellebzzlHAPPY BIRTHDAY💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
  • kingevalyncan someone send me the link to this!?
  • marialevq12Awwww so cute !
  • a_bieber_xAww JUSTINN
  • allegra_love_jelenaJustin Is a angel
  • maral.xoOur lifesaver 🙌
  • makijaaaaaa<3 <3 <3
  • mika_ithanaLovely my hero!! 😍👏
  • carly.almightyHero
  • devin_busonoIt was because Justin's music was playing on the radio and it was so bad that the kid woke up, walked to the radio, and turned it off.
  • camilasuarezzzzHahaha @devin__busono
  • allgoodmusic@kbolo71
  • kingevalyn@devin__busono smh
  • sophiia_khanAww i read the article it soo cute
  • javvi99It looks like tyler the creator haha
  • javvi99He my bad *
  • ct.aliciaaScooter please show Justin this & see if he'll mention me back in a commet. i tried everything to get Justin to notice me, your my last hope.. so please show him this : Justin your truly my everything. i know you made mistakes in the last year that your not proud of & that i'm not proud of either but everyone makes mistakes. people tend to focus on the bad that people do & jump on the negativity express & judge you. people need to realize that you have feelings & break downs just like us. when you made that apology video, i was so proud of you. it literally made me tear up. it takes alot for someone to own up to everything but you did it & i couldn't be more happy. i have alot of reasons that sum up to why your my hero but that video is a big one. you taught me alot of stuff. you taught me that you have to spread your wings & fly. to not let people get to you. to not give up because everything's gonna be alright. you just have to believe & pray. you always gotta keep a smile on your face. justin your my life. i've been by your side since 2009 & i don't see a day where i'll leave your side. love how your flipping your life in the other direction. i'm so excited for your new tour. come back to Fresno,CA! justin, if people ever try to bring you down, us beliebers will be right next to you, ready to lift you back up (: i love you so much Justin. your my angel sent from above ❤ @justinbieber @scooterbraun
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