Doing great today. My room is the most decorated in ICU.  Thx for ur thoughts & prayers!
  • amyvandykenDoing great today. My room is the most decorated in ICU. Thx for ur thoughts & prayers!

  • joana_daniela84Great looking room! Stay strong, bring in your dog! Or ask for the security dog to stop by! Pet love is the best!
  • bryan_horwathI know this injury is incredibly fresh and much probably hasn't set in, but I do believe you will have opportunities to help and inspire people moving forward with your obvious strength and infectious positive attitude. You drip courage. Thanks for being so inspiring and best of luck on your journey ahead.
  • scfan024You are a true inspiration. May God bless you!!
  • benettoThoughts and prayers for you and your family in this tragic time. You are a winner and have beat competition many times, you will beat this too! Good luck Amy!
  • longball84Stay strong Amy. All of Ram Nation luvs you!!
  • mrlee1on1Kick ass!
  • marileeharrisYou have given us so much to cheer .
  • marileeharrisYou have given us so much to cheer for now we will continue to cheer for you! ! You are such an inspiration hang in there you are one tuff woman!
  • amypharrisyour positive attitude is an inspiration to us all!
  • thebjthomasHi Amy, I'm pullin for you. Love, BJ
  • lisahammgI know you'll become an intense wheelchair competitor once you get out of the hospital. Nice strong arms and shoulders! Get out there and kick ass. Maybe that's your next Olympic medal.
  • kiltandacameraSending all good thoughts. ♡♥♡
  • sampson_fangPraying for you. You'll be out of there soon!!
  • villageclubsGet well soon, Amy, stay strong!
  • hoonanea4Sending our warmest alohas from Swim Kauai Aquatics to you and Tom 🌴🌺☀️💜
  • lisag2Thoughts and prayers to you and your family
  • jjoncichThinking of you Amy! Stay strong! You are a true inspiration to many.
  • tony_21kThank you for continuing to inspire us with your strength.
  • easullyAbout a year ago, I fractured my L2 vertebrae, leaving me paralyzed below the waist. Your pictures brought me back to my first week in the hospital, when I didn't know what my recovery would be. The one thing that got me through those first months was knowing that regardless of the outcome, things would get easier. Stay strong and keep up the positive attitude ❤️
  • iballsohardwaldowantstofindmeHey Amy! I'm glad to see your recovering well! I am a college swimmer at IRSC and I as well had a ATV accident (a couple days before your accident actually haha) and fractured my tailbone. My injury is not nearly as bad as yours and reminds me how blessed I am that I am still alive. Love your spunky personality and the great positivity! It gives me hope for a great season ahead, despite the facts that this would be my second summer in a row of not competing (I had mononucleosis summer 2013), and I sprained my ankle last October prohibiting me to have a good performance my freshman year. You remind me that, with God's help, I capable of coming back no matter what the cause is 💪 my prayers are with you! You da bomb from dot com girl! God bless 🙏
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