#PassportFlow with my family. Headed to get some sun with my mom @rileyburruss & Gabriel! It's Gabriel first flight!!! He's so excited! πŸ˜„βœˆοΈ
  • kandi#PassportFlow with my family. Headed to get some sun with my mom @rileyburruss & Gabriel! It's Gabriel first flight!!! He's so excited! πŸ˜„βœˆοΈ

  • successful220I just got my passport too...going to be my first time out the country! Excited as well!
  • chrissie_1121I'm sure if Kandi had an average income marriage wouldn't have been an issue. That bitter lady is a money hungry hag. Everytime she accuses someone of using Kandi to better themselves she's describing herself.... Just evilπŸ‘ΏπŸ”₯
  • aw8472Where y'all going?
  • divaflyingsolo@gaylemarie80 Funny. Because I feel the same way about mama Joyce but hate is such a strong word that I go with Disgusted. :)
  • frotasticjazzinessOMG. These comments are a trip!!! Wow!!!
  • regibascoe@honiebeee29 ....I always thought that too. I am sure you are 100% right.
  • nlovemssdWho's the little boy
  • onyida98@crayzmommaof5 Am straight but I wish I can just give you a very Hot kiss in ya chick... That lady is PURE evil...
  • curshinaOMG I can't believe people are really commenting like they know kandi. So rude!
  • hairhoneyWelcome to (((JAMAICA)))
  • missyb4uThis is a tv show people you do and say what you have to do to stay relevant #notallreal great job kandi and mama joyce
  • checkmate78Joyce is a disgusting human being, there's a reason everybody hates her except kandi, oh wait, we must ALL have tge problem not joyce old ass
  • smiley_gurl06@kandiburruss I looooovvvveee your mom she is soooooo pretty and says whatever is on her mind and you have some pretty aunties love yall!!!!!!!!!!
  • beckjbooth@kandiburruss of course your mum is smiling. A free holiday. She's a freeloader Kandi. Seriously. Makes you feel guilty for being happy. She does need medication. She's an evil, nasty, horrible person! I'm a mother and would never put kids through anything like she has done to you. Jusy because she is your mother, doesn't mean she can get away with what she does to you.
  • colormepink10You mama is one sick person she needs mental help she must be bipolar or something
  • tim_monier@kandiburruss i love you but you should tAke tht flight hide yo mamas passeport & then leave her their! She can apparently afford it
  • victoriacato89Your mom just wants attention! Haha I literally can't watch the show once she comes on
  • fancy.n- Kandi I love you so much, you are my inspiration && i look up to you && i love you so much, one of your biggest biggest fans.
  • fancy.n@kandiburruss
  • bembroStop people Mama Joyce is Candy's mother, she has been there for Candy and her grandchild, She was living before Candy made it and she was her first supporter in everything, she deserves everything Candy wish to share with her! She is a little excited and dramatic and sometimes go too far but it's like a mother hen trying to protect her chick.She needs to accept Todd and keep him close like a son
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