The best kind of exercise? The one when you jump and dance around like there's no tomorrow to awesome music!!
  • robynlawleyThe best kind of exercise? The one when you jump and dance around like there's no tomorrow to awesome music!!

  • jeni.ross@psychabrelics why on earth should she be ashamed???? I can pretty much guarantee that if she wasn't a model, she would not go around calling herself "Plus Sized". The modeling industry has built itself upon the standard that their women are merely walking hangers. And this is a known fact. So yes, maybe she is "OWNING" her size as a successful, working model, and her doing that does not assume she condones the gross standards that are the norm in that "world". The industry that pays her bills gave her the hideous title of "plus sized", and she is merely accepting the hand she was dealt. No one, ( herself included), would ever disagree that of she had a normal job, no one would think twice about her weight. It's comments such as yours that perpetuate said negative stereotypes in our society.
  • lenapalmsThere is nothing wrong or shameful about being "plus sized" society has just made it seem that way.
  • jessdaisybYou are amazing and fantastic and such an inspiration ! Thank you for showing that you work hard and keep fit and healthy and look gorgeous , and that its possible ! X x z
  • aadamchick@valeadamchick de donde esta vieja es plus sized? ESTA PERFECTA!!!!!!!!
  • vadamchickGracias es por el gym y mi buttblastr @aleadamchick
  • aadamchick@valeadamchick #siahuevo
  • __cvj__wtf modeling world when did this become "plus size" this is why young girls take drastic measures to become skinny. But you're beautiful Robyn.
  • big_slob@aimzeelou omg best body!
  • ciennamyersi look up to you so very much. I'm 16 and actually interested in plus sized modeling and after years of feeling fat and unattractive and bulimia and suffering to be a certain size I'm finding strength to let go because of you thank you for being you!
  • biancavanberkel@shahanakahui she is plus size and she's got a banging bod. So depressing
  • shahanakahuiOh my god she's got an awesome body @biancavanberkel
  • maddieramsIdk had to share w/ someone I'm so mad haha @haayleymac this chick is a size 12 amazing model, who has a sick ass bod, and is considered a plus size model srsly wtf
  • tera_apparel@bad_little_chicken this girl is a plus size model in Australia!
  • brooklynjeffries@tera_apparel this is a plus size woman everywhere
  • madusexo@maddypk
  • lauracrawfxo@jessicaleighton3 this is a "plus size model" if she's plus size...I wanna be plus size. Need that bod
  • lachlan_britaHow the FUCK is that plus sized? Yr skinny af!? You look gorgeous but to me you are definitely not plus sized
  • bree1704@__karli__ so apprentley this chick is a 'plus size' model. What the hell am i lol
  • maremogz@sarahamaro
  • gayle_27Stunning!
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