Kendall jones is a sad excuse for a human being! Would love to see this trash in the middle of safari w out her weapons! Ignorant Human being!!!!! Wimp!!! Go w out any weapons let's see what happens them. by @reebarnes "Here's more of this disgusting waste of skin." via @PhotoRepost_app
  • joannakrupaKendall jones is a sad excuse for a human being! Would love to see this trash in the middle of safari w out her weapons! Ignorant Human being!!!!! Wimp!!! Go w out any weapons let's see what happens them. by @reebarnes "Here's more of this disgusting waste of skin." via @PhotoRepost_app

  • glendawehrli@isadora.g I guess you should educate yourself first because the last I heard white rhinos are not endangered. And the elephant she kill was part of a controlled group which limits the number that can be hunted per year. I'm a huge animal lover! I have rescued numbers of animals throughout the years. This young girl hunted with the proper permits through a conservation group. I not believe in hate or bullying young adults/children. Think the efforts should be spent on the men and women who hunts these types of animal just to sell their parts of the black market...not on a young girl who paid for proper permitting and legally killed these animals. I believe everyone's hate is misdirected from the real offenders we should be concerned about. Not an easier target such as Kendall Jones.
  • mirkacastroWaste of skin
  • http.kenzeeI hate Kendall jones and I have some photos of her to on my wall!!!!
  • jordan_c_griffinI support kendall. Hunting teaches persistance, patience, and responsibility. If you honestly have nothing better to do than pick on a little girl who sometimes hunts and absolutely RUIN her career over something this small you should re-think your life. Kendalls career is done. Maybe instead of talking about her you should be talking bad about the child abusers, child molesters, serial killers, and rapist. All of the above are terrible people who commit crimes in your home country, your home state, and your home town every single day. But instead of thinking about the innocent child that has to remember the horrible things that she's been through and never be able to cope, you cry about how a cheerleader hunts. Get your priorities straight if you think you're helping, think again. The year everyone stops hunting is the year millions more people die in car accidents involving animals. I have already been in two wild animal related wrecks. Both couldve been fatal. And I would love to see you in the actual wild, you would be scared out of your wits. Once a coyote comes after you, you would rethink that its not ok to hunt.
  • vlvh0522It's her page and well she's disgusted and she's has the right to say as she chooses. If YOU don't like it find a fan page of trophy hunters and the "not so little" girl and go support her. I share the same disgust. She put it out there for the public to see and the public spoke.
  • vlvh0522@glendawehrli you should educate yourself the white rhino has 2 subspecies one is almost completely GONE the other is doing better because of conservation efforts. It's taken a lot of hard work to keep these animals out of poachers hands so when I see and obviously others see trophy hunters destroying these beautiful creatures all for a selfie - sorry it's disgusting and makes my blood boil - trophy hunting i$ all about $$$$.
  • glendawehrli@vlvh2012 blah blah blah....haha!!! Made my night!!! Thanks!!! 😀😊😀
  • juliamsikorska@glendawehrli youre very rude you know. Even if she did get the permission to hunt them what will she get out of it? Happiness for killing almost extinct animals. If you're such an animal lover you wouldn't be saying that this was ok. And you look pretty old to me so i guess you should be smart enough to know that and understand that
  • glendawehrli@jmsikorska I am rude! Please being attacked for having my own opinion on a topics, being told@to@educate myself when I have, and deciding it is not worth arguing with hateful people is being rude?!? Wow!! I love how people are so ridiculous on social media. As I have stated before I am an animal lover myself (if you would have read my previous comment) I don't see why adults would express hate to young children/adults on these types of outlets. Instead of death threats, hate filled messages, etc to a young woman who legally hunted these animals. We should be focused on the individual who kill these animals to sell on the black market. This girl is an easy target...I choose to focus efforts on the real criminals who kill animals illegally. Can't wait for more rude comments...someone needs to let me know when America became a dictatorship. I didn't realize people couldn't have their own opinions. Thanks! Sweet dreams!!!
  • hallzytownzShe's disgusting.....
  • kerrypauI believe in Karma and I hope Karma gets her a million Xs over!!...I don't know how anyone could hold a gun or any weapon for that matter in their hands and know they breathing and have a family just like us and know they just stopped them from ever seeing their families again and ending their lives!!...Just a sick individual!!...pathetic women and the people who helped her!!😞😡😪😩😫😖😤😢😓
  • ellebpdxThis is so awful! @alohakj @cindylawrence
  • sicgagHuman trash
  • tatyfredericoI will never understand why some think taking a life for sport is something rewarding
  • tripfontaine4evYou're an idiot, straight up. @jordan_griffin_
  • itsmenatiPiece of shit human being that's what she is!!
  • itsmenati@jordan_griffin_ ruin her career over something that is small? Is animals going extinct thanks to people like her something small to you? Those animals are ripped from their families when they are cubs, then raised by people paid by hunters, when, they are grown they are drugged and put in a fenced area so that hunters like kendall can kill them with no problem. God forbid people have a heart and they care about animals and our planet.
  • itsmenati@glendawehrli burning puppies and kittens alive in Mexico is legal, are u going to defend people that do that just because it's legal? Eating dogs and cats and skinning them and boiling them alive is totally legal in china, are you going to defend them as well? Just so u know, the big cats that kendall hunted, were ripped from their families as cubs, then raised in shitty cages by people paid by hunters, then when grown up, they're drugged and put in a fenced area so that hunters like kendall can hunt them with no problem using a GUN oh but it's legal so according to you it isn't cruel at all! Some animal lover you are..
  • itsmenati@shane1life0 god forbid people have a good heart and care about animal cruelty and do what they can go stop it and spread awareness. Jesus it's not her fault ur heartless, most people so stand up against animal cruelty
  • beccanderThanks @joannakrupa for being such an amazing woman helping animals and trying to stop people like Kendal. Together we can make a difference. 💚
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