Birthday on set - 24 today :)
  • margotrobbieBirthday on set - 24 today :)

  • sophieselbyyOh wait this is 2014... @johnmartinn defs too old for you
  • want_to_be_a_sonHi magot I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me alot in life when you are acting u make me fell like am really there u made me fell like part of the squd cuse i strugle with atusm and desprissa and deslisca as well but u make me for get all that u give me curege in life and helped me out alot love u lots and lots at magot robbie thanks for been my friend just buy acting @margotrobbie
  • armascallEww haha @sarahkmascall
  • want_to_be_a_sonDaer magrot thanks for helping me in life i know am going to get people been maen to me for telling u this but i have deffrent types of lerning diisibelitys and u make me for get when i wach your movies and its haed cuse my big brother picks on me cuse of it but u are such a good actresses u make me fell like your friend just buy acting and my dream is to meat u but i know that would happen thanks for been my friend on ig and buy acting and i know alot of people will say bad stuff to me for telling u this it happend before but am not going to give up in talking to u and ps love u alot -hugs thanks for been my friend and love will and cara 2 thanks for makeing me fell like part of the squd and like your friend i fell like you care for me just buy your acting and i love your acent any way i just wanted to say thanks for been nice and sweet @margotrobbie
  • isoobuddy💞
  • nancy_barka❤❤❤❤
  • mr.rexfexpexК чему сапоги на меху в такую жару?))
  • yuval.danieli58Happy b.d margot
  • clara.asf@want_to_be_a_son this is actially really cute I hope she reads it😊
  • want_to_be_a_son@clara.asf thanks
  • asfkouryJuly 2nd is my birthday too!! Ily 💚💚💚
  • ellinor2004My birthday is june 2nd😂
  • sunnyalexandra_❤️💕💛💚
  • tati_martinez42My birthday is on July 24th
  • gabixtrindadeJANE
  • gabixtrindadeAAAAAAAA
  • darkprinz1403Wuhjjjjiii. Yeahiiiiii 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
  • dianasofiaagularlara🎂
  • samantha_la_bella_😍😍
  • nayaragomes27Olha essa foto @_nath.silva
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