• izabella_tovarJairo, Henry & I have a very big announcement to share. After weeks of contemplation we have finally decided to share this news.
    The reason it took me so long to share this is because I am not interested in hearing the negative feedback from negative people. But that is part of life and it is something I have learned cannot be avoided.
    I want to make clear that this pregnancy has been planned for years. Ever since Henry was born Jairo and I decided that we wanted our kids to be 4-5 years apart. Then in October of 2013 I was having complications with my IUD and it was taken out. Jairo and I then began talking about trying for another one. So, in February 2014 I became pregnant! We are THRILLED to announce that we are expecting our second bundle of joy in November of 2014. We are not sharing the gender or the name at this time.
    Please if you don't support our decision to have another child, or if you have anything negative to say at all I ask that you unfollow me. I do not respond to negative feedback, I simply erase it and block the negative people. To those of you that support my family and me, I thank you. I hope you enjoy following my pregnancy journey! Sharing my pregnancy publicly is a new experience for me as you may know. I kept my first pregnancy a secret for 8 months. So I truly appreciate all the love and support I receive. Thank you in advance for your kind words.

  • danib27You do you! Don't ever listen to what anyone hasta say. I'm so happy for you and your growing family! Congratulations. 😊❤ @izabella_tovar
  • kthearts28@izabella_tovar Congrats!!
  • bl0ndie_x0CONGRATS!!!!!! 😍
  • nancylara10Congrats @izabella_tovar
  • sofpluslegumesJust saw this and its amazing ppl will always judge or have something to say I have a 2 and a half yr old and im expecting my second in october he wasnt planned but neither was my first and shes the best thing in the world to me like u ... my first pregnancy wasnt kept a secret but I didnt leave my house much or enjoy it the way some one should enjoy their pregnancy but this time around is alot different and I hope u enjoy the openness and public embracement of this pregnancy cause I sure have ... good luck to u and ur family these next few months =)
  • blancacisneCongrats
  • ashlynnhansennCongratulations !!!! You and your hubby make beautiful babies, looks like you have came a long way together and all for the better xo best wishes xoxoxo
  • 0812.0719.1203I got pregnant in Feb 2014 too and I'm due Nov 27 how cool. I'm expecting a baby girl @izabella_tovar
  • faby_n_rudy_madrigalI kept my baby a surprise till he was born I let everyone know lol @izabella_tovar
  • faby_n_rudy_madrigalBut I did go out in public I just didn't show at all till my last month
  • savannah___janeAweee ☺️☺️☺️
  • angelmommy07032012Congrats to you both your amazing!!!!!
  • virgo.mama_Congrats girl! Henry will be a great brother ❤️ I'm so happy for you
  • shelb_emI'm due in November too! Sooo exciting!!!
  • cristela325@izabella_tovar congratulations who cares what others think ur a amazing mother!!!
  • rgoldingCongrats! Our children are 5 years apart and it's pretty great. What an exciting time!
  • tashiibabyAwww yayyy Congratulations so happy for you and your family I love watching you on 16& pregnant :)) But now you have your complete pair♡♡ can't wait to watch the journey with this lil one @izabella_tovar
  • cjohnson121212Your family is beautiful. Congratulations
  • _believe.in.miracles_Aww, congratulations to you and your family... I was very much in ur situation, pregnant at 15 with my daughter & pregnant again at 17 with my son which i hid from everyone.... Theya re the biggest blessings in the world.... I wldnt h
  • saannddyy_maayyaaIzabella I've seen you on tv & I had no idea that you we're expecting. Congrats & I too was a teen mom. My son who is now 6 is a blessing but his Dad is not around. Let's just say that my son never knew him, I just had a baby girl in September of 2014 & she is a blessing to me too. Now that I'm older & had my daughter planned, I feel like I'm a good mom because I know the struggle of being a teen parent. Best of luck!
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