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  • aymanmJuly 2, 2014 | Shufat, Occupied East Jerusalem. (Video) journalists trapped between a car and Palestinian protestors were being fired upon by Israeli soldiers despite yelling and wearing protective gear clearly labelled "Press". In this video you can hear sounds of ammunition whizzing and ricocheting while we yelled "press" in English, Arabic and Hebrew. #israel #palestine

  • kstroess@aymanm good heavens! so thankful you & you're team are alright. stay as safe as you can! love your reporting segments.
  • hokiechickWell said @wissam_yafawi
  • inna.poliakDear wissam. I wish we could peacefully seat and talk about it. I just wanted to Sharpen something. It isn’t true what u said about Palestinians ! I never said it..! and it isn’t true! Most Israelis same as me and u want peace! Israel feels sorry for all those poor Palestinians whom you’ve mentioned in Gaza. Israel gives gas/water/electricity support to those poor Palestinians whom your talking about in Gaza. Israel opens its doors at our Hospitals for them when they need health Treatment for FREE! For that Israel expects them NOT to support the HAMAS terrorists !!!! About the boy who was found today.. no one knows what happened to him... I Ensure u that Israel will find the Responsible and will do Justice. NO one should be killed on either side. Did the Palestinians help Israel do justice? Help find those HAMMAS murderers who murdered those 3 boys????NO .they protest against Israeli Soldiers instead…wish it wasn’t so… we PRAY for peace ..
  • inna.poliakand please watch this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?sns=fb&v=H2BLHtDYhcY&app=desktop
  • inna.poliakshe Explains everything PERFECTLY
  • inna.poliak@hokiechick @wissam_yafawi i replied above please notice
  • wissam_yafawiThanks @innapoliak for your civilized answer back , I truly wish we are in peace in this part of the region and truly believe me no matter what they do all of them they have to sit together and talk we have to feel sorry for every innocent live that is taken away by moron mankind and we have to pinpoint the killers and accept our differences this is the essence of our region lets pray for the 4 victims of stupid act by stupid people and hope we will sit over a coffee one day in Tel aviv or in Beirut and compare our differences and accept each other and prepare for a better future for the coming generation
  • sheebs84@wissam_yafawi @inna.poliak. I have been reading the exchange between the two of you and it's heartening to see you're both being civil to one another in your responses. Making hurtful comments and malicious remarks is not the way forward. A peaceful dialogue and an understanding of each other, and above all acceptance of one another is required. Well done to the both of you for discussing this in a mature way! P.S. If the day ever comes where the two of you can meet in Tel Aviv or Beirut or wherever for coffee, would live to join you both xxx
  • alohalululandBe safe. Appreciate your photos and news.
  • tigress63Please be careful @aymanm
  • inna.poliak@wissam_yafawi 👍🙏 @sheebie84
  • mythiliskGlad to see you're ok. Stay safe
  • wissam_yafawi@inna.poliak ok then I owe u one:)
  • wissam_yafawi@inna.poliak , good morning, u owe me an explanation, since last time u said that the Palestinian Boy was killed by his own people because they found out he was gay, and all over the news this was a vengeance by settlers for the killing of the three Israeli boys, the problem everybody sees it from his small perspective and try to burry the real story and continue with his life, that again doesn't help to solve the true issue that exist between us, u should be more tolerant and next time when you have a scoop such as important please be sure that it isn't any cheap gossip before spreading it out , it's not credible for someone who believes in peace..
  • inna.poliakHi @wissam_yafawi do owe u one...those who killed this poor boy will b punished!i can promise u this.. To shame i cant say that about the ones who killed the 3Israeli boys since the palestinians are hiding them!if they want peace y dont they help Israel find them?y they shoot 100rockets a day from Gaza towards Israel?! Palestinians true problem is the HAMMAS not Israel...
  • inna.poliakGot to say im getting really tired of sitting in the dimension!!!! 100rockets a day!!! @wissam_yafawi wish for both sides it would b over!!! Both sides suffer because of the HAMAS!!!and all those terorists!!!
  • cateringzohourOmg @esmabentohami @ikrmx @amaltje98 @oumaimabentohami gewoon live vanuit Palestina
  • lafemme.n_Israel go to hell !! 🔥🔥
  • h.saadi@manibaniz
  • msahro_@wesheee no mercy
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