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  • aymanmJuly 2, 2014 | Shufat, Occupied East Jerusalem. (Video) The moment Israeli soldiers attacked the barricade set up by Palestinians leading into the neighborhood. We were trapped behind a car and had rubber bullets and stun grenades fired at us despite being marked as press and shouting to the Israeli soldiers we were press.

    Clashes broke out in the Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem after a 16 year old Palestinian boy was kidnapped and killed overnight by what locals say were Jewish settlers. The body of the boy was found badly burned and Palestinians were angered that the Israeli police were not investigating the murder with the serious rigor. Palestinians frequently suffer attacks known as "price tag killings" carried out by Israeli Jews. Few of these "price tag attacks" are ever investigated or lead to convictions. #israel #palestine

  • biancabrittonAbsolute chaos.
  • razizainalStay safe @aymanm . May Allah make us steadfast & give us strength in this struggle! 💪💪💪💪💪
  • mariafadila:( always happens during holy months or important dates.... :((( sad
  • habiba_ali#Sad Ya Rab
  • trishlautonOMG @aymanm please be safe. I know you're doing your job but please be safe out there!
  • bartoversteegenKeep posting, the world has to see this!
  • itsnurkel@reslus
  • modartgramMaybe get a non arab perspective and a non israeli perspective this person is biased in Is info of his post
  • asiahkelleyI wish there was more coverage like this in us media. News in USA is just pure propaganda.
  • abumahmoud48@mooky_e
  • assemaltawdiNon of this is ever mentioned in mainstream media. So f*cked up.
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