Someone's going to look adorable today. 😍
  • j_evans1219Someone's going to look adorable today. 😍

  • katiecsavina88Personally who cares if she is trying to sell them! Ever heard of doing what you need to for your children? They set these girls up for this, I just know that if I was being offered hundreds and thousands of dollars for a day of getting my hair and make up done getting in in cute outfits for a photo to help with my kids having a house to live in. I'd be the 1st to say sign me up.
  • _alyssaroseee_She does not want to cuz she does not want to exspoze him to tv yet@rebconn15_
  • _alyssaroseee_She want to wait till the season starts@rebconn15_
  • babyblue1534She wants to wait till the season starts
  • _n3isha_cak3z@_xkjenner July 15 or 16th. It's one of those!
  • cassy__456It has nothing to do with a mtv contract, Kailyn posted pics of her son even tho she was filming
  • traceyeddisLove overalls in little boys there so cute my son always looks so sweet in them congrats
  • July 16th
  • taralee22She prob doesn't want to see n read the negativity posted to her new pride n joy!!!
  • shelllz.x0She's probably waiting for the baby to premiere on the show
  • robbiechadmaxUnless they do a season 6
  • emilymaegancornettShe's probably waiting for the show to air.
  • thelifeof_jazIt's her baby so I don't understand why everyone's getting so emotional about her not posting pictures. The whole world doesn't NEED to see pictures. Maybe they want to be able to have some privacy and cherish the baby themselves. As soon as pictures go up peoples gunna be bitching bullying and starting rumours so im not surprised there's no pictures yet!
  • m0std0pebitch_I wanna see the new baby 😒
  • brooke.x.13@missthangbby who said they weren't washed? Do you see the tag on it? Maybe she just wanted to keep it on the hanger! Now mind your own damn buisness!
  • aubrey.davenport16God y'all are so dumb. Like she reads this shit.
  • megansince1998Well kail did @ap3102
  • stefanie.michelleeI have the same outfit for my son @j_evans8209
  • giuliasufflico@mororiva guarda che bella questa salopette Alberto mamma mia Amore Mio <3 <3 <3 Alberto!! <3 <3
  • careemennNo one has commented for 3 weeks lol
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