We're counting down til the 4th of July! Who's getting their red, white and blue manis ready?! #4thofJulep
  • julepmavenWe're counting down til the 4th of July! Who's getting their red, white and blue manis ready?! #4thofJulep

  • nurseannabelle💥 cute!!!!
  • erhead8@dianarenee woulda been awesome if my box had shipped in time for FRI. 😕
  • mzsavvystyleI just painted mine! I'll post soon! @julepmaven
  • jnine0712@erhead8 mine totally shipped late too and feel the same way 😢
  • erhead8@jnine0712 Yeah. I posted to fb and twitter too. They never respond tho so we'll see. Not sure I woulda added America the Beautiful if I had known. Lame.
  • jnine0712@erhead8 Same here. Never would have added that and I actually called and got the run around sadly.
  • lesliejeannene@erhead8 @jnine0712 I've found that I get the run around for everything with them. I am still waiting on my box to ship.
  • jnine0712@lesliejeannene I am sorry and I know definitely wasn't happy with the response I received on this one bit.
  • sunmama03Me! Got it painted on my toes!!!
  • iamkrisredmondThis is super adorable!!
  • jmonique_03@crazybutter
  • miss.jillian.ratchel@julepmaven definitely dissatisfied with your level of customer service. Not cool...
  • leandiwhoa711DONT JOIN JULEP!!!!! They will keep charging you for boxes you never receive and canceling is a nightmare!!
  • davias_momI never have any problems. If something ships late they give me extra Jules.
  • michelleuesugi@julepmaven I used to get email reminders about the monthly box and was able to choose NOT to receive one. Now, all I get is a shipment confirmation. How do I cancel altogether? Unhappy customer here!
  • mrz___r0drigu3zPlease check your emails, i have sent about 3 emails before the date I was supposed to be charged for the July box and did not receive a reply nor my account has been cancelled, i tried calling more than 2 times to cancel and the hold time was a little over an hour please help @julepmaven
  • mz_chocolate_2@hizpeach_ look what I found...lol
  • mz._vanilla_storm@mantha2u I want EVERY color
  • scokamotoHonestly, I don't understand how any of you have issues with Julep. I live in Japan, because my husband is stationed here in the AF, and there have been times where my order did not come as expected. I called, Julep provided excellent customer service, each representative was kind and understanding, and they rectified the problem. If you don't like their service, don't join. Just realize that to buy their brand of polish, it is much more expensive in shops, and you don't get the luxury of having it conveniently turn up at your house. Furthermore, as a supporter of their product, it's highly annoying that every time they post a pretty photo, or discuss their newest product, there are a string of ppl who insist on complaining. This isn't the platform for complaints. You need to contact them directly.
  • lacqueratiHear hear, @scokamoto ! 💕
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