It's official: #MissionSmile is powered by the Cricket Nation!
  • cricketnationIt's official: #MissionSmile is powered by the Cricket Nation!

  • vanessajamesmediaLove it!! Let's bring this to life at Media Mixology on 7.26!! We're ready!! @cricketnation
  • amerballyOMG wow you guys do awesome things. I wish I could have a cricket phone that would be awesome
  • g_m_d_3@a_bally You can. They're very affordable
  • amerballyI am paying a lot I wish
  • cricketnation@a_bally you could totally be part of the Cricket team. The new Cricket now has more 4G LTE coverage than Sprint, T-Mobile or MetroPCS. We now offer coverage to more than 97% of Americans. Take a look at our coverage map: Here’s a list of our phones as well:
  • cricketnationThanks for the support @g_m_d_3!
  • juanka1497Can I bring an AT&T phone at you'll make it work over cricket?
  • cricketnationHi @juanka1497 As long as the unlocked phone is GSM compatible then the phone should work with the new Cricket. You can take your unlocked AT&T phone into your nearest Cricket store where a Cricket Advocate will set you up with a new SIM card and new Cricket rate plan.
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