ASSIGNMENT! What object makes you feel manly? 
As part of All Things Considered's summer series on men in America, we want to hear about the object, tool or stuff that makes you feel manly. Here’s one from David Lee, who writes for Gumship, an online men's guide to Asian lifestyle and entertainment. He picked his Adventure Time bathrobe: "I think we're at a space in time where men are openly loving My Little Ponies, embracing cartoons, still playing video games, and we're really dictating what it means to be a man," he says. "Everyone's confused whether or not they're being ironic or not, and that's so luxurious, you know?" So tag one photo #menpr and tell us the story in the caption: who you are, your object and why it makes you feel manly. Women are also welcome!

Any photos tagged in the next 10 days are eligible to featured here on Instagram or on @NPR's website. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Salima Koroma)
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