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  • thekenyamoore#twirlonthis #betawards2014 #betawards #funtimes

  • boojee_daeI love @thekenyamoore she's so beautiful
  • ruehl_Lol@ the scepter
  • chefshimmyYes beautiful
  • eyelandgal123Lol!!!! Yassssssssss!!!!
  • robertobarquetc_Girl the scepter you messy @thekenyamoore i loveeeeeee it! Yaaaaassss girl. Say bye felicia say byeee. Cant wait for next season. Feed me some atlanta miss K
  • kinghonest16😍😍😍✔️✔️🌟🌟👌
  • just_cal@anchaz26 😂😂😂
  • aristocrat_of_menThis was the bet part of the bet awards for. :-)
  • missunique6You look soooo pretty damn girl i love it. Your FIERCE
  • favoritescarlettu make me sick
  • walkwith.jahHonestly, Kenya is the shit. We all know this. Her body is perfection and is one of the prettiest girls on the cast of RHOA. But this scepter thing is out of line. This is what made Porsha grab your hair but you're making it a joke. It isn't funny. It was very immature and it's basically showing that you didn't care and you know you provoked Porsha. The scepter thing isn't a joke. It just wasn't okay. But we still love you Kenya! Keep bein gone with the wind fabulous!!!
  • princeof88@walkwith.jah just like porscha you just blew this whole sceptor thing way out of proportion! The bullhorn was out of line but the sceptor was hardly a threat. If anybody should have been upset by it it should have been Cynthia! Porscha had it out for Kenya anyway and as usual picked arguments with Kenya during the reunion. No matter what Kenya may have pointed porschas direction she is not responsible for her jumping out of her body and acting like a buffoon in a ball gown.
  • walkwith.jahIf someone was pointing some scepter in your face you would just sit there? Cause I definitely wouldn't. Kenya provoked it. She knows she did. But I'm gonna argue with you. At the end of the day I still like Kenya and it's sad to see her leave the show. But she's grown and she knows exactly what she did wasn't okay. and don't think I'm saying Porshas actions were okay either. They're both in the wrong @kingboss26
  • princeof88@walkwith.jah as a result of her pointing the sceptor Porscha snatched it from her and threw it. Once again the sceptor was a bigger threat to CYNTHIA. The fight happened because of the bullhorn which I feel is Andy's/producers fault cause they should have shut that down before it even started! Like why was that even allowed? All I'm saying is people keep saying Kenya "provoked" Porscha. Porscha is a 33yr old woman she is responsible for her own actions. Nobody is to blame but her self.
  • walkwith.jahIt's Andy's fault because he's the host but Kenya brought both props and has no fault in this? Lmaoo okay I quit @kingboss26
  • princeof88@walkwith.jah I didn't say Kenya didn't have fault I said Porscha is responsible for how she responded to the props and the bullhorn shouldn't have even been allowed in the room. Just face it bruh Kenya has always been a target for Porscha their beef doesn't even have a solid reason its like ????marks Kenya snapped a fan in Kandis face last reunion I guess she should have snatched her up too
  • necieywritesnovellasCan people move past the fight.
  • mobettapunkn@thekenyamoore You the real MVP!!!
  • iamcchico😂😂😂 I can't..
  • sierrallacoutureStunning!!!
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