We found a #happy place on Otto Lake. Where are you this #weekend? #PreserverSeries
  • otterboxWe found a #happy place on Otto Lake. Where are you this #weekend? #PreserverSeries

  • colton_dieringerI went to lake Somerville in Texas
  • otterbox@heyitsleah_1206 What's your favorite series?
  • otterbox@markeymarkthesharkeyshark We love our Preserver Series! We like to say that it's "seriously waterproof," and it offers drop and dust protection.
  • otterbox@its_a_ford_jack We hope it was beautiful!
  • rebel_in_a_wolfs_headI live near there. I'm alaways dropping my phone hiking and I have NEVER broken a phone or I pod or I pad.
  • naturally1nefertitiJust ordered this one Friday
  • trump_is_45@otterbox can I step on this case? That is what I miss about the armor.........
  • otterbox@akfishchick907 You live in a beautiful place!
  • otterbox@africanqueen2u That's fantastic! We hope you love it.
  • otterbox@lucus_bendzsa_loves_apple The Preserver Series is quite rugged.
  • otterbox@pgalla3686 Is there something we can help you with?
  • otterbox@pgalla3686 We apologize if there was some miscommunication with your warranty claim. You're welcome to call our CS team directly and we'll get this worked out for you: 855.688.7269
  • josh786manchesterCheap on amazon
  • trump_is_45@josh666uk and fake
  • lucaspookas911This product is a piece of crap I had one for two weeks and the screen cracked on my iPhone from dropping it three feet from the ground save ur money and buy a different case
  • otterbox@lucaspookas911 Did you have trouble with this Preserver Series case, or the Symmetry Series cases that you've also commented on?
  • john.allen0My screen also cracked @lucaspookas911.. And @otterbox I have the defender one
  • appleman94You guys, I can't talk about it cracking. I mean, it just happens. I do know that you have to make sure your Otterbox is legit, and put on correctly. I've been using Otterbox since my Blackberry 8800, you can do the math 😄! I love their cases. I've dropped them, threw them, and loved them all the same! My step dad had an Otterbox on his iPhone 4S a few years ago, man time flies, and, get this, ran over it in his TRUCK (V8 Nissan Titan), Otterbox had seen better days, but the phone was FINE! It was a defender case. Another great story of mine is when my cousin dropped her iPhone 4 in a Lake, I dived in, found it with my leg (after it had been under water for about 8 minutes) she had already started the grieving process, but I wasn't about to see an apple die so soon! So, I found it, took the Otterbox off, and (gross I know) sucked the water out of all openings. We got home, turned it off and put in rice over night, it still works to this day! Otterbox is my recommendation, if you have any problem, their customer service is suburb! Love you Otterbox!
  • appleman94As soon as I see one love, I plan to get one for my iPhone 6+!
  • mic.check410Omgosh @otterbox #preservercase isn't worth it. Waterproof cases are a scam in my opinion. None of their cases worked and I'm honestly blown away my phone hasn't been ruined yet despite obvious leaks in multiple cases. They stopped offering to help after the second time. Not gonna spend that much money again.
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