A Gay Boy Scout!  #Pride #gaypride
  • jamesestrinA Gay Boy Scout! #Pride #gaypride

  • clhgoofyWell did anyone ever think that this particular Eagle Scout is not gay just wears the slide to show support? Or possibly he didn't come out to his friends till this became legal? As a mother of an Eagle Scout and a Life Scout working on his Eagle Project I have to say no matter who they like these boys work damn hard to become an Eagle Scout and I'm proud of each and everyone of them. Now if Girl Scouts would join the band wagon of having Eagle Scouts that would be great cause their Gold Award is a joke (I have a daughter who is almost done with hers).
  • azprsfdmI like this, I'm Scout :9
  • mickeyshelixMy favorite feature of the week. Congratulations !
  • gnicholson3Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is a great accomplishment for ANYONE. Congrats. I am glad we have boys in scouting who work hard to achieve this and develop strong character and leadership qualities along the way. We need good role models, as evidenced by the horribly rude and hateful comments some are leaving on this post.
  • gnicholson3Any Boy Scouts who want to earn Eagle should be more cautious about posting hateful and rude comments publicly. As one who sits on Eagle Boards, I would have to question the scout spirit of some of those commenting here if they came up for review and I was on their Eagle board. I bet @boyscoutsofamerica would not be impressed either. Public comments in an open online forum, like this, can show up later when you're applying for Eagle, college, or a job. Be careful you don't leave a comment or opinion you might regret later.
  • r.u.maddoxEverybody has there own morals, we don't have to agree or like each other's beliefs, but people just need to treat people like people, there ya go
  • thenichmI'm an Eagle, Vigil honor recipient, 9 year vamp staff veteran, and Assistant Scoutmaster and I'm proud of this young man. I've seen several people cite the last point of the Scout Law, "morally straight", as being a justification for anti-gay discrimination. I don't see how someone's personal decision to love someone has any bearing on their morals unless they delve into something considered criminal activity (all of which is just plain wrong and staunchly against the ethics instilled upon Scouts). Granted, it's a gray area full of debate but unless they start sex ally harassing other Scouts, it shouldn't be anyone's problem that they lead a different lifestyle from some of their peers. Scouting taught me to accept everyone for who they are and to always give them the respect that they deserve.
  • hey_hey_hayes93@fireboyfloogie sorry buddy, there is no such thing! Gay pride knots are not officially licensed by the BSA... While there may be many "spoof" patches, they aren't allowed on your uniform... But, there is nothing that says you can't have a neckerchief slide that supports your message. In fact, the idea of the neckerchief slide is that it be unique to the wearer.
  • thepatricksquireI am an Eagle Scout, member of the Order of the Arrow, as well as being former SPL and PL. As far as I know, morals differ from person to person.. So some people may be against being gay because they have moral objections to it, while other have no problem. To be morally straight is to hold true to YOUR values, and not some of these people who I am ashamed to call scouts. Each individual scout is reciting the oath, not just one to speak for a whole patrol or troop. Personally, gay people make up some of the nicest people I have met to date, and I would be perfectly fine if they joined my troop.
  • big_poppa.66The knot is on the wrong side.
  • thewegger@danpohlig
  • danpohligThanks @thewegger . You know I always enjoy reading hundreds of ridiculous internet comments.
  • wanderluster87@alanvgc
  • affrielyaAlmost same with 'Pramuka'
  • affrielyaUniform from Indonesia :)
  • affreightmentSquare knot is on the wrong side.
  • ooch16@daliapanke
  • c.ableI don't agree with homosexuality! #gayisnotokay
  • nbcrossingsWonderful 💠
  • sampicalebNice
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