My heart's other chamber officially moves to NYC this weekend. Finally!!!! I love this lightball.
  • jennymccarthyMy heart's other chamber officially moves to NYC this weekend. Finally!!!! I love this lightball.

  • ricoloos@jennyannmccarthy ,, grin : )
  • mzvane84@jennyannmccarthy I know you may not respond but I'll like to tell you you are a role model for me to see how far Evan has come with his autism and how you are advocate for autism I'll like to say thank you as a mom of a 4yr old autistic son watching you thru out the yrs is an inspiration to me. And again thank you jenny for bringing so much awareness too autism
  • jui1979@jennyannmccarthy it gives me so much hope and joy when you speak about your son. It's very hard finding a school I'm in the process of my son getting into kindergarten. I hope and pray that I make the right choice for him and the DOE can be on our side. Thank you for the little bit that you share about your son you have no idea how much hope you give me. Many blessing to you!!! I will miss you on the view
  • beddysbedsWe have bedding I think you and your son would LOVE!! Check it out. We would love to send it to you!
  • beddysbedsSeriously it makes life so much easier...not to mention kids LOVE the minky interior.
  • angelohopesantosThere is a school in brooklyn for evan , behind Regina Pacis church 66 street 12 ave I will go find the name for you say strong , my brother also and soon it gets easier when he understands he will control himself , take to fight factory brooklyn , Judo
  • meighan_makeup_junkySo adorable
  • glammomazonfellow indigo raising a crystal child... 👌😘💎❤️ @jennyannmccarthy
  • swtcherypieSuch a beautiful pic
  • purplemouse1964How is Evan
  • laliya21He looks like you.
  • craziibeagleSweet picture💚
  • malaseli03@jennyannmccarthy so sweet! He reminds me so much of my son!! Love how loving and patient you are w him. There's no love like being a momma. Love my lil bits more than life! <3 thanks for sharing him with us on TV. He really is so precious. Its silly cuz my son Mason is usually in bed when I get to finally watch the show and it makes me miss him just seeing Evan lol. Meanwhile my daughter (1 1/2) is up wil'n out haha. Idk if you'll see this but it would be really neat if you followed me.
  • shannon_78barberLove that boy!!! So sweet♥♥♥♥
  • shannon_78barber@malaseli03 @jennyannmccarthy is so down to earth! Shes one of the few who will follow u back! She follows my twitter.ur right about Evan.he has such a big spirit&actually still loving at his son is 11 and sorta pushes away but still hugs an kisses some.its nice when people comment positive blessed-
  • malaseli03@shanlovesjon @jennyannmccarthy it won't let me reply
  • malaseli03@shanlovesjon thank you honey. would love to get a follow back too. Silly isn't it. I understand the pushing away sometimes or not wanting to be touched. I do it too. I have HFA. I want the love n affection but sometimes don't know how to react to it
  • shannon_78barberIm on twitter @sweetsouthergirl♥ fb as shannon chapman.we can chat whenever! Im here.
  • p.guayTHE sweetest!!!
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