We're playing a little #piano in the #sunshine. What are you up to this #afternoon? #OtterBoxSymmetry #MyStyle
  • otterboxWe're playing a little #piano in the #sunshine. What are you up to this #afternoon? #OtterBoxSymmetry #MyStyle

  • esmeraldaesparzaI have the commuter wallet. I love it. Also, about to leave my cube for the day! Hip hip!
  • otterbox@biggmikesmooth That's great feedback! Thank you!
  • otterbox@esmeraldaesparza Hooray! Have a great day!
  • tattoofacemike@otterbox not a problem. I love the case, for everything but the grip. I love my Cardinals defender series I got from you guys too but it's also slick. That's usually why I stick with the regular defender series because it has great grip.
  • tattoofacemikeAlso, is the lock button on all of them (Symmetry) hard to press or is it just mine,
  • tattoofacemike??**
  • otterbox@biggmikesmooth They may take a little bit of usage to loosen up.
  • tattoofacemikeOk I'll keep poking at it to try and get it to loosen. Thank you!
  • andrewneillsmith@otterbox this afternoon I wish I had made some sandwiches. Peanut butter, butter and marshmallow fluff. BANG! Now that's an afternoon delight!
  • james.nagle@otterbox on the iPhone 5c case the hole for the apple sign is off
  • otterbox@james.nagle When we first created those cases we didn't have the dimensions of the device (as you'll recall, the cases were available before the phone was released). We have since updated the design.
  • otterbox@andrewneillsmith That is the most delicious sandwich we have ever heard of. High fives for creativity and culinary expertise!
  • zaggleMy otterbox is all warped (the rubber/polymer) and the design rubbed off....... I have the b and white one with the swirly design for the 4s.. idk why this happened- I haven't dropped it or done anything that would damage the case
  • otterbox@zaggle Sorry to hear that! Please contact our CS team for a replacement: 855.688.7269
  • james.nagle@otterbox so the apple sign on the 5c is now centered on ur case
  • otterbox@james.nagle Yes!
  • james.nagle@otterbox NO!!! I tried one yesterday and it was still off centered
  • otterbox@james.nagle You must have one of the original versions of the case. The newer editions have a centered vanity window.
  • ins888Mine does
  • dieguitoemilianoBuenas noches, soy de México y estoy interesado en comprar un lote de 30 fundas otterbox
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