• lucyhaleTHANK YOU 🙌

  • amy.belle4Lucy you play such an ancreidable roll on PLL!!! They couldn't have someone as talented as you are!! @lucyhale #PLL
  • itsjasadaLucy you're such an amazing girl. I just lovee yaaaaaa so muuchhhh *-* ♥♥♡♥♡♡♥♡♥♡
  • sophie_mahuru👌👌👌
  • shannonrwrightIlysm this means the world to me
  • emi1439Lucy you are so amazing😍😍
  • not.a.pretty.girlpreach
  • not.a.pretty.girlLucy this is so amazing of you to acknowledge us like this, at first most people think of us as fangirls and people who are just obsessed, and they take it for granted, but then, there's you. The complete opposite, I mean you're the most beautiful, sweetest, most adorable, most talented and EVERY amazing thing possible, you have all those amazing things, you're just wonderful on you're own. And you chose to thank us, you didn't have to, but you did. Before, I thought I was just another fan to you, but now... I realize how much more I am considering that you love each and every one of us. Its so wonderful and the means the absolute WORLD to me, that you said this, not only to me, but to all you're loyal Halers:) Thanks, Lucy, although I could never thank you EVER enough, its a perfect time to start now because soon, the entire world will know the one and only Lucy Hale:) and as an outstanding lady once said: Soon is mother effin now;)
  • matilda_carter❤️❤️❤️
  • shippingezriaxowow i love my idol (you) more then words can describe
  • mollywaddington@miakellyfowler
  • micaela_wesleyYour amazing - just thought I should remind you ;)
  • pllfotosIn pretty little liars. Since the girls are getting blackmailed by A . What would you do in real life if you were being blackmailed? @lucyhale
  • kindabri@xsofia_h
  • sofia.healey.beltran@brianna.tho I'm blocking you.
  • kindabri@xsofia_h noooo
  • dyintaxDear lucy , I love u so much♥ you're my inspiration. You are so funny I really like your humor every time you post something I laugh! And I really think you should make a snapchat account if you want to of course!! You're such a good singer and actor you're really a talented girl. The quotes you say .. I feel that so much !!! I don't think you will see this but I want to say how much I love u Lucy !! You should have a tour with your new album and please go to the Netherlands!!! Cause I live there! Much love from me
  • manonmulder@ilonacoolen 😪
  • ilonacoolenstahp stahp stahp @manonmulder
  • ilonacoolenIk heb nu echter wel bloed, zweet en tranen in m'n koppie, bedankt @manonmulder
  • misterygirl1993How did u screen shot this @lucyhale
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