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  • ericplottThis is nothing short of a miracle.
    MAN INCREASES MALE TESTOSTERONE UP TO 200% more!!!... We have evidence that going raw or vegan raw become sexual activite by an increase of four times more! ...MEANING VEGANS EATING WHOLEFOOD PLANTS ARE FOUR TIMES MORE SEXUALLY ACTIVE. The WHOLE food plant based diet also increases testosterone (moringa also increases sperm account and libido)...this documentary will be available soon, this man had super low male testosterone levels because eating meat, dairy and eggs and processed foods, he had b12 deficiency as a meat eater, vitamin C, D, Magnesium deficiencies, and going raw vegan for 60 days increased EVERYONE OF HIS DEFICIENCIES COMPLETELY!!! :-) raw food has saved my life! :-) Go vegan and restore your health...the first arties that get clogged in the male body, is the genitals and the reason erectile dysfunction and sterity is rampant in the USA standard American diet.

    #Vegans on record are seven times stronger than meat eaters and live on average 15 years longer than the average joe.
    And now we are fully aware that vegans are four fold more sexual active. ~€.G.£.Plott

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