Everyday im shufflin. Sunday, it was with @Madonna <3 #superbowlhalftime #partyrock
  • redfooEveryday im shufflin. Sunday, it was with @Madonna <3 #superbowlhalftime #partyrock

  • mariajose.hnYou were so good ! Im so happy you perform on the superbowl being so relatively new on music and with madona :o you rock! Honduras
  • just.jasonn #lmfao
  • lorree7Swaaaag ma babybabies
  • nelsonsimao_@redfoo just watched it wow- AMAZING!!!! And What-a-mix!!! is it #beatrocked too? However I didn't like the Hercules look :/
  • choku_27Amazing!!
  • just.jasonnOMG I was at the game
  • jpmillionDude, PLZ follow me. 😝
  • jpmillionU R S
  • jpmillionFOEVA!!!!!!
  • michelley_fhFuckman. My Sports teacher LOVED your performance! Haha :D
  • kaarnuttsmachainAmazing dudee Love it and love you
  • ebbawaldemarssonI still don't get how to shuffle, it is just so cool!
  • err_joI was in the performance of Like A Prayer , seein you guys rehearse was so fun and entertaining. What a badass show it was
  • malamarieHahahah you did awesome! And even better at your concert a few nights before! You had us standing on a cop car which had $8,000 worth of damage we found out after bc my dad has friends on the IPD. Hahah but it was so scary when the made us get off they came up behind us and then blocked off the road to rest of ppl. It was intense. All the could say the the police was #sorryforpartyrocking haha shouldnt of had you guys play a FREE concert haha sooo much fun! My dad even enjoyed it! Had to have a parent come! Glad at went through all the madness to see you❤ my dad was the one who said get on the police car bc he didn't want us trampled... If u wanna see a pic of the car just contact me back. I love you guys mucho! @redfoo @skysnuts #lmfao #rebels 🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚀🚀🚀🌆🌆😜😜😜😘😘😘😘😊😊 #cops #copcar #superbowl #indy #IPD #indianapolis
  • emmajustsmile;) #yeeeaahbaby
  • i_heart_5boys@redfoo your mi life if you don't follow me I'm going to dye please please follow me #yeahbaby
  • anaisyolePlease @redfoo, give me all your luvin!!
  • zoevandallove you guys
  • nottttttinuseSaw that read the whole and I'm talkin the whole paragraph
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