Stumbled through an old neighbourhood. Forget Thunderdome. Here's the discus net of doom.
  • markuszusakStumbled through an old neighbourhood. Forget Thunderdome. Here's the discus net of doom.

  • kaitlin.emmaIlysm💕
  • sophia_y_kimOoooh
  • trianglemeowcatOoooh
  • _gypsyi_Wooow!
  • _gypsyi_Incrível!
  • calebmicahI can picture a runner with no shoes on this track.
  • gabrielle.j.r^ You mean like.... JESSE OWENS???
  • mah1dboysI read The Book Thief at the moment
  • forharrypotteryou're amazing okay bye
  • booksandeath@forharrypotter yo it's lily aha
  • veiledliarsYour bio😂
  • catherinecowley88I have been trying to personally email you about The Book Thief but I do hope that you will pick this up by Instagram. I am absolutely obsessed with The Book Thief. This book was absolutely incredible, it really moved me and I became so emotionally attached to the characters. It was certainly one of those books that you don't want to stop reading! I really hope to find that in the future you have released more adult books like this one! Thank you for writing such an incredible novel your work is amazing!:)))) @markuszusak
  • catherinecowley88*published- books are published not released!
  • sydney_whitesideHi Markus, my name is Sydney. I read The Book Thief about six years ago when I was lucky enough to pick it up by chance at my 5th grade book fair. Your novel is the closest thing to a bible that I have. The love, loss, and hope that reside within those 550 pages are wondrously inspiring. As cliché as this sounds, each time I read your book I am affected in a way that I find impossible to put into words. I can only hope that my passion for writing will always remain as strong as Liesel's, and also as strong as Rudy's love for her. Thank you so, so much.
  • leah.velayour book is such an inspiring book, i read it a while back.
  • charlee.piconeI'm so glad a talented author like you is Australian, I am Australian and read your book the book thief. It changed my life. It's amazing. Thanks truly for writing it @markuszusak
  • jemmmacoxI met you're brother at the trans Tasman challenge this year in New Zealand
  • listriyanaHi, Markus..I am Lis..can you help me to give the data of figurative language, especially metaphor in the book thief novel, because now I am doing research to your book. #for reference data of my thesis. Thanks beforehand
  • victoriasdralisHonestly this is what happens to me too... Go to the track in the rain to throw a shot put and get all muddy but it's great fun! btw we are also doing The Messenger as one of our literary book studies this year, very interesting and thought provoking. Thanks for Ed Kennedy Markus!!!
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