Bikini wedding crasher!
  • serenawilliamsBikini wedding crasher!

  • king_ayo21Lol that nigga behind the guy holding the baby just staring at that ass 😂😂😂 @sowah36
  • jomensaHow I wish all of such pix are removed from your photo albums. God bless you! @serenawilliams
  • itaddy@ladiamondblue
  • jkwilli064Why is that @jomensa
  • jomensaBecause I don't want to see her half naked. Her body is Gods temple and for her husband alone. Why allowing the world to use her in such way? @jkwilli064
  • jkwilli064That's all true. But she isn't naked. That's like going to the beach and seeing women in bikinis, should they all wear more clothes? Yes I am personally attracted to thick women, but with a intelligence to keep a conversation. For all we know, she just may be proud of her accomplishments on her body and want to show it off, as any human does after an great victory in the gym @jomensa
  • jomensaHmmmm. If you say so! @jkwilli064
  • jkwilli064Can't view every woman the same, sir. @jomensa
  • leo_life_is_greatShe's fine as hell
  • ultimate2Wasn't this beach wedding? Because the few pictures before this one show #serenawilliams on the same beach and she crashes in:)
  • pacmanboAll the niggas lookin at yo ass on the low lol 😂😂😂😂
  • losingweightfindingherselflmao at the men in the back
  • cheese215😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Ayoooo... Why you do that lol
  • hair_done_by_brendaThis is my cousin with Serena😘😉👍love the pic
  • gwendeauxlynLmbo her husband is like 😒😔😁
  • woodmotherIm sorry but this is wrong your taking away the spot light from the bride look at the mens faces not nice 😒
  • christinablackberry:-) LMAO!
  • jikenna8Lol
  • 1s.o.vitalDamat azacak kadini deyil seni becerecek git ordan
  • salim0119681261Are u married me
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