My home for the next two months! Portlandians, tell me what's fun to do here!
  • cameronmstewartMy home for the next two months! Portlandians, tell me what's fun to do here!

  • elektrekPickle everything
  • elektrek@gypsysfire I doubt Portland poutine has anything on Montreal's poutine! Just sayin!
  • cecilporterstudiosFood wise have por que no (tacos), tin shed (breakfast), sizzle pie (pizza), franks noodles, jade tea house (Thai). And bridge city comics for... Wel comics. If u need a studio to chill at and do art check out mine (emporium1476). Private studio with tons of room. @cameronmstewart
  • cecilporterstudios@cameronmstewart oh and ground kontrol for sure 90s arcade games, yes please!
  • dcorsettoAhh, nice! Powell's is all I know about PDX. That, and I'll be there July 18-20, wwwwwink!
  • cameronmstewart@dcorsetto oh cool let me know!! It'll be nice to see you
  • dashiellrDevils point
  • catfacesYou like pancakes the size of your head? Stepping Stone Cafe in the NW!!!
  • dcorsettoSure thing! I was bummed I missed you at TCAF!
  • ninjamojoburpsCheap eats in #chinatown next to #voodoo donuts
  • fukfacejonesCheck out McMinnimins Edgefield in Troutdale, you won't be disappointed
  • perfectlyflawed315If you don't mind taking a day trip, in Lacey, wa there's an awesome comic shop called Olympic cards & comics. We are finishing our second floor in the next couple weeks!!
  • rachelovyaCheck out the food carts in downtown!
  • christinenoe1993Really love u t in this comic style!🐈🐾🐾🐾💞
  • fuckingdangerousIn case PDX people neglect to properly feed you, make sure to eat at Departure, Sweetpea, Los Gorditos, Harlow, &Vita Cafe, &get smoothies at Kure &Prasad!
  • edgar_allen_heauxgotta hit the roxy diner, but most of all you have to eat at the hotcake house. Absolute favorite pancakes ive ever had.
  • pitsnbitsLet me make you a waffle! Its pink and black waffle shack next to voodoo and we're connected to a strip club called kit kat club and they mix cabaret with stripping. All the girls are super alternative and could inspire a lot of cool poses. Plus, I make a mean waffle.
  • kquinzel22Now I wanna doughnut. Pdx is 2 hours from me.
  • okidokiokamiWhat!! You're like, kinda driving distance. 😋
  • karliangeliquePdx💚 #homeiswheremyheartis
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