• yarnbombsUPDATE:
    Good news! The National Forest Service has nearly signed off on allowing the #yarnbomb. Just 1 last hurdle which should NOT be a problem but cant be cleared until next week. Since I am taking on the liability personally, I am working to acquire proper insurance coverage. This is not an off the shelf kind of policy though, so it will take a few days to sort out.
    Thank you to everyone who has offered to stand watch over the yarnbomb! Stay tuned for dates and I'm still looking for additional volunteers. It's the weekday work hours that are most needed.

    For those who have asked why Im worried about getting permission. The simple answer is because Im not doing anything wrong, so I shouldnt have to sneak around like some kind of criminal. I want to publicize it so that I can get as many people as possible to Go Outside and Play!
    I was the little guy as a kid and got bullied a lot. I dont take kindly to it now that Im a grown man. If they (Los Padre Forest Watch) want to shut me down, they should be prepared for a fight.
    FYI: They are a non-profit group, not to be mistaken for the National Forest Svc. The NFS has been incredibly professional and supportive. I appreciate their predicament and the job they do.

    Photo credit: @cabomark1

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  • linnationyay!!!!
  • modaknitGood luck!✌️
  • lavenderlizardGood luck!!!
  • shellyboI'm an insurance agent and I know just what you're talking about! Hope it's not too pricey!
  • yarnbombs@shellybo wud u mind emailing me yarnbombs@gmail.com so I can pick ur brain?
  • jessahubbaSounds pricey and scary... there are many many people out there just looking to take advantage of someone. Good Luck.
  • joybabygranCool pic!
  • joyfaurie11Prayers
  • slbs1201I wish I lived closer but Smackover, Arkansas is a long way from you!! Just know I would be there to stand watch also!
  • 66ideasreybravi
  • yarnbombsI saw one of the American Idol contestants was from Smackover @slbs1201 and I jumped up, "Hey I know Smackover!"
  • shiinystarrsI don't know why anyone would want to tear down/remove something that brings so much joy and beauty to a place. Praying you get more volunteers. Love, love, love the american flag piece.
  • slbs1201@yarnbombs I got to watch more television! This town knows everybody and everything about everybody and I missed that! lol
  • chicncheerfulCan I make a contribution to the insurance @yarnbombs ?
  • bvcrochet@yarnbombs I'd like to donate to help cover the insurance as well... Where/how can I get it to you?
  • fradkin4Keep on keepin' on!
  • thecraftyhookersThis is such a great photo!
  • taranyusha👍😁
  • kyleartHow long do you keep them up for?
  • yarnbombsTypically 9 days @kyleart
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