Bandit is starting to alert for lower numbers now like we have recently started training for! Alerted just before I got the 200! Lower A1C here we come!! #pitbullservicedog #diabeticsupport #diabeticalertdog #diabeticservicedog #t1d #typeonediabetic
  • kaytothelalaBandit is starting to alert for lower numbers now like we have recently started training for! Alerted just before I got the 200! Lower A1C here we come!! #pitbullservicedog #diabeticsupport #diabeticalertdog #diabeticservicedog #t1d #typeonediabetic

  • alsemon6Good boy Bandit!!
  • sara_and_rossieGood boy bandit! What's a good number though?
  • kaytothelalaPerfect would be between 100-120 I run in the 300s @sara_and_rossie
  • sara_and_rossieOh my.
  • takeuhlukeatthatThat's amazing, I knew there were service dogs for diabetics but had no clue they're able to alert you about your sugars. What is it that makes them know when they're off?
  • kaytothelalaDogs have some thing like 30 million olfactory receptors in their noses making them much more able to smell things we can't. They can smell a change in your body chemistry and they are scent trained to alert to that change. @takeuhlukeatthat
  • takeuhlukeatthatThat's cool, how long have you been training this guy for? Or how did you get into training dogs to help you out with your diabetes? And how long have you been t1 for? Haha soo many questions, I hope you don't mind, I just think this is awesome.
  • kaytothelalaLol it's okay, he has been training since he was about 6months and he is a year now we have been scent training for about 3months. I started training dogs because I needed a diabetic alert dog and couldn't get one and I enjoy it so now I stuck with it. I have had diabetes for 16 years I am 19. @takeuhlukeatthat
  • takeuhlukeatthatWhat are the requirements to be able to get an alert dog? It seems like such a rewarding lifestyle to get into, I'm still amazed that they're able to sense the highs and lows before you're able to feel them. I've been t1 for just about 11 years with my 21st coming up soon. Are you using a pump?
  • kaytothelalaYou have to have a disability and a doctors note, yes I use a pump. I switch between shots and the pump. It's great to have but it's also not fun it's like having a baby With you constantly because you have to be aware of what's going on around you and your dog constantly and you have to deal with a lot of crap from people. @takeuhlukeatthat
  • laur_weimerIm trying to get my dog certified to be a service dog for anxiety/depression. My therapist wrote a RX but I'm so lost on the next steps!
  • kaytothelalaThey don't get certified they go through training. You have to find a trainer, there's no such thing as a registered service dog. All you need is that doctors note and a person to train your dog to service dog standards and tasks @laur_weimer
  • muaythai_fighter@kaytothelala what size is his head collar?
  • kaytothelala#servicedogweek #huffpostgram
  • pittsburghadoptabullsWow! This is great! My sister has diabetes so I know how hard it is to sometimes feel where your numbers are at, but your dog must help so much with that! Keep up the awesome work with him!!
  • kaytothelalaThank you❤ would your sister be interested in a diabetic alert dog? 😊 @pittsburghadoptabulls
  • pittsburghadoptabullsI'm not really sure.. I think it could help a lot especially since she'll be going to college in a couple years so we won't be around to remind her sometimes to check her blood sugar or wake her up early in the morning to test. I personally think she wouldn't want to "stand out" in school because kids can be judgmental or rude. I really don't know though.
  • kaytothelalaI totally understand how kids can be mean I have had it since I was 3 and growing up with it I dealt with a lot it can be awkward. I found it much better to have my service dog by my side to give me confidence 😊 I didn't actually get a service dog until college and older kids can be much more understanding. Maybe it's something she will want one day☺ @pittsburghadoptabulls
  • bamich@mvforesta
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