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  • aerieWe asked our Style and Fit Expert, Jenny Altman your #AerieREAL fit questions! Today's Q is, "What are some of the most common wear & care mistakes you see?" Have a question for Jenny (@ILOVEAGOOD)? Ask below! #RealTalk #AerieREAL

  • hooblerinatorHow should you wash your bras and undies?
  • ooitsginaUse the hand wash or delicate setting on your washing machine for both bras and undies. Make sure the bra hooks are clasped together so that way other bras/clothing doesn't get snagged! Undies are fine in the dryer but hang dry bras (or lay them on too of the dryer to help speed up the process)!
  • ooitsginaTop*
  • ooitsgina@jujustreet The dryer is bad because it warps the underwiring inside of the bras, causing it to pop out and thus ruining the bras! Also any special details on the bra will get ruined from the heat
  • jeanbananaDo not hang dry your bras! The straps will stretch out and become uneven. I put a towel on a chair and sort of lay them over the back of the chair overnight.
  • jobiscotti@zep.cyn
  • cyn.direllaI always hang dry them! My mum taught me. Lol :-D glad she was right!! Woohoo. @jobiscotti thanks for hooking me up though ;)
  • sammie_antha1With their patterned undies, I always hang dry mine so the pattern doesn't fade as fast
  • meagan_rachelle_hWhat I do is bring my bras in the shower with me and wash them there with my body wash and hang them over the towel rack to dry. Killing two birds with one stone!
  • dkfuller89@deetink21 basically anything will keep it's color and shape longer if you avoid putting it in the dryer. If you air dry your bras and undies, the colors stay vibrant longer and the pretty lace details don't get ruined by the heat! I do my laundry at night, lay my bras and undies to dry and they are dry by the morning!
  • katehackettsI'm going to be air drying all my undies and bras from now on. One of the new pairs I just bought from @aerie that had lace detailing are ruined because I put them in the dryer. #lessonlearned
  • ellenxoscar@aquamoonlight
  • yrayyis@ellen.oscar so? I know that. My bras always air dru
  • yrayyis@ellen.oscar
  • ellenxoscar@aquamoonlight the washing machine isn't good either. when Zoe and I told you you said it wasn't true
  • rocioriverarosado@aurea_esther @kiki_mon @zurijam @mari_mango ¿Viste? Se los dije. 😉
  • zurijam@missrociomonroe, I know! I do that now!
  • rocioriverarosado@zurijam Good! 😘😊💋
  • delaney_djWhatever lol @abigail.powell
  • emmaxos@edentastic_ om g
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