Scary at Logan. Plane engulfed in flames
  • chefazScary at Logan. Plane engulfed in flames

  • astruppaWow, this world is full of morons. This is a DRILL! It's not even a real plane it's a steel mockup.
  • joshodonnell__You need to take this picture down. You're misleading thousands of people into thinking this is real
  • sitrukiskurtis@chefaz Yes, please edit your description to include "training"...
  • christianhartmanGet to the choppah!
  • mackinassmarty707Calm the fuck down ! Idiots
  • bri930If he is still on a plane, people, he can't take it down yet. Calm down.
  • navybrat1985Did you assholes ever think that maybe he wasn't aware that it was an exercise when he posted this? Give the guy a break.
  • nickwozniakThey have a bunch of news articles using your picture now! Haha
  • queenofthedealsIt's just a drill
  • dannyt3529I did the same thing some time back I can see Logan from my office and was in panic mode to only find out its a training exercise for the Massport FD.
  • ladybarker17I find it hilarious that the airport runs a flaming plane drill and doesn't warn the incoming & outgoing passengers at the airport that it's just a drill and not to panic! I feel like that's a necessary piece of information!
  • mariaferrerosharpeiWtf###
  • forloveandhugs@chefaz are you visiting Boston? Or just passing thru?
  • barbgianoThis incident could have cause panic and premature evacuation. @chefaz Lol
  • 330cicI've seen a few of those drills before - it is a bit shocking.
  • therealmsalradIt's a drill done #Massachusetts
  • fer907@feemz not the first time a drill at BOS causes issues!
  • istolethetvYou're an idiot. This is tube
  • noirdesoir@Mtd3 the amount of idiots who think they know everything and googled what this is to comment negatively on this is overwhelming. It is also overwhelming the amount of arrogant assholes who just begin their statement sentence with "the number of idiots--"
  • iammikazeThis wasn't at hanscom airfield was it? Katz, the former owner of the nets, died in that crash
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