• rgiiiHad some special guests at practice today! Check it out... On April 22, 2013, Ne'Vaeh, an eight year old-high energy little boy, had his world turned upside down.
    Ne'Vaeh was diagnosed with a very rare brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) and soon found out he was in Stage 4 of it. Incurable.
    Instead of shutting down, this young gift from God and his family continued to live life to the fullest and raise awareness for DIPG. Last Week I was told that Ne'Vaeh was a huge Redskins fan and I was his favorite player. So we invited him to come check out practice and meet everybody. That practice was today....
    I received a call yesterday informing me that Ne'Vaeh had been called up to heaven on Friday...
    Ne'Vaeh's family came to practice in his honor and as I begin to express my sadness for his passing I was stopped. They told me he was no longer suffering and in a better place. They gave me the band you see at the bottom of this picture and I made a promise.
    I promise you Ne'Vaeh that I will wear this band all season and dedicate our first touchdown in your honor. #WalkingByFaithWithNeVaeh

  • fukk__12__You quit nfl
  • orangenailzNe'Vaeh was a wonderful child. He is a partner at Abundant Life Family Fellowship. He is going to be missed by all.
  • viachickAwesome!!!!!!
  • chetteyeknightThat's giving! RIP Ne'Vaeh! #HTTR
  • gaz1911Nice! HTTR!
  • rieky_balboa@rgiii I wonder if Heath Evans from nfl network will report this, since he hates every little thing u do maybe he will report the gr8 things u do #HTTR
  • tilly_visionGod bless Na'Vaeh. Blessing for the fam and u @rgiii .. u Rock! !!
  • will9702Rock grey 4 Ne'Vaeh (look read the shirt his family is wearing)
  • thatannoyingitalianHeaven spelled backwards❤️ RG3 is such a great man and rest in peace with God Ne'Vaeh!
  • kody_.10R.I.P🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • kazzyd741Too cute crying @katelynsargent
  • songbird501Rest in peace #NeVeah! Praying for your family! Thanks Robert! 🙏💙
  • guillermo123489.
  • riversmceSad😭
  • bmoney_itsonly_1ofmeHe was a strong young man but he is no longer suffering his family is great! Thanks for everything @rgiii he really wanted to meet his favorite player 😪 RIP Veah
  • doit4vaehThank U So Much Robert I know our NeVaeh is Smiling Down on Us...
  • baumdiggity5This made me cry
  • redskinfans_onlyMy page is strictly for our fans @rgiii May you please follow, that would be much appreciated. #KnowYourWhy #KeepTheName #DCRising #WashingtonRedskins #RedskinsNation #RedskinsCountry #RedskinsFamily #RedskinFaithful #RedskinsAllDay #3TimeChamps #BurgandyAndGold #EstablishedIn1932 #Httr
  • justcallmeray_#PG COUNTY # friends of the fam... every time I see a story about him it melts my heart! !!!!!
  • cbanks12@patmcpartland
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