Up 5AM today, flew NYC-SF, drove to Apple, met w/iTunes, now heading back to SFO to fly home. Wheee!!
  • countingcrowsUp 5AM today, flew NYC-SF, drove to Apple, met w/iTunes, now heading back to SFO to fly home. Wheee!!

  • mrsmandylewisLordy. You're always "on tour".
  • ashleyhalltv@countingcrows tonight will be my dad and I's 10th CC concert. The years have tested our relationship. This year particularly has been incredibly rough. But you and your incredible band always bring us back together. There is nothing more special than a bond between a father and his child. I thank you for bringing us together.
  • trakerzSaw you last night in AC, fantastic show!
  • bretclancy@countingcrows Boston tonight- Round Here + Walkaways + Anna Begins please!! 💃🏃
  • sheilasheeran❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • instarielle1Sexiest man i have ever seen! ❤️❤️❤️
  • sara_cppAwesome show at Wolf Trap 😍😘
  • let.the.music.set.you.freeHey adam I think u r amazing! @countingcrows
  • the_audesseyI love you
  • samsaybernfalling star in atx tonight...😘
  • beth4rd23Master muscians festival in Somerset, Ky. Was amazing. Such a memorable show! @countingcrows
  • kirahraeHappy birthday Adam @countingcrows
  • yasminuyar_xoAdam I suffer from severe depersonalization and it would make my life if I got to talk to you
  • highwiremoves@ironfist03
  • illestdopestI just listened to an interview with you, about the illness thing as well, it really made me happy to feel like I wasn't the only one who felt in unattached from reality at times, i dabbled in something I shouldn't have once and led me to feel like I was losing it for quite sometime with no one to speak to or no one who actually understood what I would try and explain, and you sir hit the nail on the head, and made me feel way better knowing I'm not alone. Continue the amazing music and please visit New Jersey someday.
  • djackman429@adaloia25 @john7rod that dude ! Legend
  • hogan_chh@tjuscen
  • smoreloves_uI LOVE YOU!!!! 😘💋💘
  • t.mcsweeganMr jones
  • alexgonzalezmacuer@clinthyndman
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