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  • crackberrykevinRealization: I hope the BlackBerry Classic features a light up ring around the trackpad and the same power down sequence when the screen and back lighting turn off like the Bold 9900 has. I love this effect!

  • kyleecarrollHeck, I just wish Blackberry would make BB10 devices as handsome as the 9900. That's one good lookin' handset!!!
  • marksthespot60yes! power-down had a great user experience.
  • christophhillegeerLooks amazing!! I love the Bold 9900 so much in terms of design!
  • marc947I hope many colours for the light !
  • kyleecarrollFWIW, I also miss the curved keyboard. Very classy.
  • vison523Yes, I quite agree with you.
  • apar_agarwalBold 9900 is anyday better than Q10! Mr. Chen - u listening?
  • kobestaysfitIn terms of design the Bold 9900 is ahead but BlackBerry 10 on the Q10 beats out BBOS anyday
  • jrwagh333I wish that all of the BB10 phones had a power down like the old BlackBerry's did... I could power the phone back up and it would be working within 10 seconds!
  • marcosis82I had to use my 9930 a week ago for a few days and I totally miss that feature. After using my Bold then switching to the Q10, I missed the trackpad. But the power down sequence is one of those small but cool features.
  • indie_sanNo lie, that sequence made me buy my 9860 on release.... i was going to stick with my 9900... but I had to have the full touch.... now only my track pad ring lights up :(
  • tal_aloI really miss it
  • matador_22@kevinmichaluk great vid! I never had this bold and I wish I had gotten it. Rocking the Q10 right now. Any rumors about what the BlackBerry classic might actually look like?
  • mohamadalirezayiYes exactly 😍
  • rednammoceht@sulosataf
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