A drawing from my niece and nephew. They are so sweet. Made me smile. #hospitalsSuck
  • amyvandykenA drawing from my niece and nephew. They are so sweet. Made me smile. #hospitalsSuck

  • trafficdanThinking of you. Always a fan. In the water, on the air. Sending prayers your way!
  • jennamarie78Sending thoughts & prayers!!
  • justbeachy823Sending prayers Amy! @amyvandyken
  • kc_concentratesThey say love heals all, and it looks like you have A LOT of love surrounding you. You made my days with the help of Rob Dibble on the radio and made us proud at he Olympics!!! #icon #love
  • kcstu4u@amyvandyken sorry to hear about your accident. Long time listener of your show. You and Rob are the best. My prayers are with you
  • hookedonbeautyColorado loves you!!! Be well and recover fully. 🙏
  • chrisfiscusThinking of ya and so sorry to hear about the accident. Sending thoughts and prayers.
  • brohamm719Prayers from C Springs. I met you when I was younger and my then soon to be sister in law Jodee was archery there at the OTC...GOD BLESS YOU AND HEAL YOU SOON!!!
  • jessenathenGod Bless You! Your such an huge inspiration! In my thoughts and prayers!
  • glitzyjen@amyvandyken I am a quadriplegic, with a spinal cord injury, at C5/C6. I was injured 11 years ago. If you want to talk about anything, message me back & I can figure out a way to privately get you my number. Wishing you the best in the future. You can live a happy fulfilling life with an SCI!
  • sagafrontierget better! prayers!
  • escobar9300Keep your head up Amy! You're a tough SOB and you'll find a way through this!
  • c.p.t.wPraying for you!
  • jafry79I'm so sorry Amy you will overcome this and prayer for you and your family! @amyvandyken
  • mancalledampAVD, you and Dibs kept me entertained when our local sports talker in Nashville flipped to FSR. I read about your departure and was frustrated, and was even more frustrated by the way the changes were handled on air. (I know Rob was frustrated too, and he handled it as well as he could.) So after having your voice taken off my radio, I was terrified to see the story come across my Google "trending" stories. From what I can tell, they're hopeful that you'll be okay, but I'll still be thinking of you. Next month marks my 12 year anniversary in radio, and we're in an elite fraternity--radio folks past and present have to look out for one another. I know it's a small consolation, but know that some positive energy is flowing your way from the Music City. Get well soon, and be safe.
  • marileeharrisPrayers for you! Hang in there you are so strong .
  • usasynchroAs part if your aquatic family we are sending our thoughts to you and your family. With a niece and nephew like that to make you smile is so good.
  • steveheath13<3
  • hollyryan05Praying for the Olympian strength to once again fill your veins & heart.
  • hollyryan05Praying for your family, and sending you magic mojo for strength & determination Amy.
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