Never get us all together anymore.  This is amazing.  I have the best family.
  • amyvandykenNever get us all together anymore. This is amazing. I have the best family.

  • mrs.e.r.thomasLots of prayers sent your way. Stay positive, you are so strong!!
  • shortyinazyou are amazing!
  • lovemyfablashesLots of prayers for you @amyvandyken ! 💜
  • truebritt739Just got back into the country & heard about your accident! Pulling for a speedy, full recovery. Love and positive thoughts coming your way!
  • brandyboudreauxSending thoughts and prayers from Louisiana!
  • allen_ewoniukGet well soon!!
  • icecoldbeer73OMG. ..just heard on the radio! Get well my Queen of Chlorine ! Miss you on my radio at NIGHT.
  • hopeforaizenPraying for you ❤️
  • boston_javi1992Prayers sent to you
  • arizonanflfan1Sending love from Litchfield Park
  • erika1802Prayers 🙏❤️
  • staceypittmanPrayers for a speedy recovery!
  • kjfan7Prayers to you and hoping for a quick recovery. God Bless! !
  • rjhill2001Praying!!
  • helly020673Hope all goes well in rehab,have similar spinal injury! EDMR,may help in the future! Stay +I've!
  • peteroy22Thoughts and prayers are with you. Your winning Spirit is amazing and is an inspiration to us all.
  • alyona_elena_alekhinaAll the best for you!!! @amyvandyken You are strong! I got a SCI T12 myself last year, i know what you're going through. Fight! 💪
  • e_k_fPraying for you. Hoping that you have a speedy recovery. Somebody that I know is going though a similar battle, and I know that it's hard on everybody including the family, just keep looking up to God for support and comfort. Keep fighting
  • koenigjackSending our family's prayers, and wishing for you the very best in recovery and rehab!
  • andres_busGet well soon!! Prayers
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