Breakfast of Champions.  Photo cred: B. Willis
  • emmahemingwillisBreakfast of Champions. Photo cred: B. Willis

  • violatorroseThe power of nursing and giving your child the best milk!
  • zby950926you are beautiful!
  • danniellakdxPerfect 💙
  • nostra_dolce_famigliaThe most beautiful picture. You are perfect❤️
  • luschkavo<3 beautiful
  • normalizebreastfeedingI would LOVE to share this on my account if that's ok with you?! 👏👏
  • emmahemingwillis@normalizebreastfeeding what a honor that would be! I love all the photos you post
  • karlzbradBeautiful, good on you for showing how natural it is to breastfeed. Here in Australia, I'm breastfeeding my 18month old boy. We need to normalise breastfeeding. Congratulations on your beautiful babies you have ❤❤
  • katieincaliforniaBeautiful @emmahemingwillis so great to see other moms posting breastfeeding photos. It's important so that our daughters won't feel ashamed to nurse in public when they are mothers. ❤️
  • heaven2985My daughter turns 4 months this week and im still exclusively breastfeeding! This is a great picture! especially nice when someone like u who can reach out to so many share something like this! thank you!
  • ashleighrbGood for you!!! I'm on 9 months strong and love being able to give my baby the best !!! Good job for being so proud! @emmahemingwillis
  • lovesakurabloom@emmahemingwillis thank you for being an inspiration! 💖🙏💖
  • 4greyfeatherHey emm..its good to see you..congrats on new babe...🌟💗👣
  • stilettotomboySo nice to see you so happy. I remember the Lesly Kahn days. xx
  • t.lutfi💐
  • nikki_prescottBeautiful💞💞💞
  • cr2398This is bruces wife. Look shes brunette , I have a chance ! @cacnyes
  • tesapetIt has nothing to do with being a brunette. She is 30 and gorgeous, he is 60 plus. You are beautiful just the way you are! @cr2398
  • cr2398You are too sweet 😘 @tesapet
  • bruce.foreverBruce is the best photographer ! 😃😎😍😍😍❤❤❤
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