My princess graduated
  • hitmansteviej_1My princess graduated

  • 4_11_moshawtyIf you are involved with her academic achievement on a daily basis, then no one should have to tell, because you'd already know. Ha! 😖😖😖😖✌
  • quanali17Excuses ... Excuses... Excuses..
  • michelleatyler@wic_does_a_body_good read the captain
  • darlatakesdc212Fuck that u bitches is crazy communication is key she woulda been calling his ass if some shit was going on with a bitch so she shoulda have been telling his ass he better be there because of all the shit he do these bitches is fucked up don't get it twisted because he shoulda had a calendar or something that shows that but it's both not just him I hate double standard @hitmansteviej_1 keep doing u
  • darlatakesdc212Congrats sweety🎓🎓🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
  • queenjizzleY'all have taken off on here lol
  • fancy_cowSo cute!
  • caramelsugah@yami_lamorena
  • my_world_myrulesBut wait it isn't her job to tell you if your a real would have known how your whole assume daughter graduates and you as father didn't know so how active are you because that wasn't MiMi's..job to tell you shit...But MiMi was there LHH...#FuckNigga @hitmansteviej_1
  • keepingupwitharnesha@my_world_myrules PREACHHHH
  • missevans1019Lol the females that's taking his side must NOT HAVE KIDS OR REAL FATHERS IN THEIR LIVES.. MiMi shouldn't have to tell him SHIT. He a parent just like she is.. He knew his daughter would be graduating soon & I'm pretty sure he know what school the child go to sooooo if your an active parent then the next person shouldn't have to tell you..
  • stay_humboul_rellGet Lil mama. JUST the start of your life. AN mimi your a great mother.
  • privv.acePreach @my_world_myrules
  • mrs_hernandez_sI can relate my husband Alway missing important dates selfish baby mommas that lack communication skills 👺
  • taylor_taylor01Peep his hastag 😂 @x.nvja_
  • josephine.rivera.1428Pretty girls rock's
  • smiley_tallowLmao at the hashtags wtf 😂
  • smiley_tallowI woulda been pissed. 😒
  • _k.mamo@asyamamo
  • noey5339__It's to soon😦😭
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