After walking for days a Honduran man appears overwhelmed at being caught in a drainage ditch by Border Patrol. McAllen, TX. 12.40pm
  • charlesommanneyAfter walking for days a Honduran man appears overwhelmed at being caught in a drainage ditch by Border Patrol. McAllen, TX. 12.40pm

  • texanmatthewI know plenty about it. I also know that those who cheat, they don't stop cheating. When things get tough up here, they will again take the easy, probably illegal, route. I feel their suffering, but I am not about to see here become what they are leaving because we don't uphold the rules for everyone. Where is the win in us suffering and them still suffering here? Where is the incentive to do the legal route for those that have the patience and do, if they know they don't have to do so to stay here? Every tear your crying for a law breaker is one step closer to our own children going hungry too. Not instead of, but as well as. No reason to see a man in a hole that needs saving and jump in with him so you both are done for.
  • texanmatthewBut I'm gonna bet you think you know more @captaincortes because your Latino right? You know the plight of the immigrant because in your family tree someone is an immigrant? Of course there is no way any of mine are right? Jews and the Irish ( my Comanche ancestors were here for awhile I guess) they have always been here huh? And they are so well respected everyone world wide completely loves and has nothing bad ever to say about Jews or the Irish, we were welcomed everywhere we went with open arms and a loving hug huh?
  • texanmatthew@hz13 while I do disagree a bit, as humans we should be responsible for all of each other, I agree that on the short term level with current situation, the priority should be our own. 1 in 4 of our children are starving .. Thats not a ratio that says we should feed other people kids first.
  • texanmatthew@captaincortes BTW your logic here, that its soooo long and hard.. Let's break the law...Thats the exact logic criminals use to justify their actions too. Getting a mustang is an expensive and long process, much easier to steal it. Life is hard, depressing, and money is hard to get.. So I'll sell and use drugs because its quicker at getting me better results. Not exactly the thinking mentality we need more of in a country 40% over capacity in our prisons
  • travelor72Superb capture of the human spirit being broken. I feel bad for this man.
  • sam.guevAh man. Some one listens to fox news too much.
  • airis63Yes we have citizens in need in the USA but these citizens would rather be on welfare and food stamps then to work. Have babies after babies just to get more food stamps and public assistance.
  • ogsupremeI love how we'll you capture emotion in your photography; great work! 👏👏👏
  • triciabirtI saw your photo on instagrams @instagram page and so found and liked your page. Your photography is real and raw. I love it. Tells it how it is. Congratulations on amazing work @charlesommanney
  • mattolive24@prattalicous
  • pablo_pratt@mattolive24 lmao immigration, drugs, and murder are the only things that happen down here
  • mattolive24So your in the perfect spot! @prattalicous
  • ramirezjessica1010when the documentary is finished were can we can we watch it?
  • j.morales8Its no laughing matter, I was raised in the small town of Premont Tx, and would see these poor people s feet busted open from all the walking.
  • charity085😔 so sad!
  • work_workout_relax@charlesommanney he had to travel for days & my mother waited for years & then traveled to recieve her permit!!! She saved her money & came into this country the correct way by not breaking the law, theres no excuse for breaking any law at any country, of story
  • work_workout_relax*end of story!
  • karlabarberi1;((((((
  • mcdonaldmixedmedia@jcnelson3 check out this photographer's work
  • ohclawwwdia@lupitapitayita very powerful images
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