They want me to Shut Up & Not Speak My Mind About....Ok! @vh1  #Truth
  • mimifaustThey want me to Shut Up & Not Speak My Mind About....Ok! @vh1 #Truth

  • _.pvnkpineapple._Why not speak you are human with feelings. Never please haters and live in uncomfort.
  • hizbbyluv❤ this
  • chrissyfreshwardKeep it there
  • rastaflame💯
  • ghost_boy_shaunLets set up a meetin and do business
  • sneakerplug845Damn @mimifaust how did u let nikko play u out like that ma ? I MEAN COME ON ALL THOSE LIES IN YA FACE N the story never was adding up & even ya friends was sayin he was no good ...HE PLAYED YOU JUST TO GET MONEY & a name on this World ...DO BETTER #MIMifaust @vh1 #truth .
  • mama_365U should've because I need to see real things on t.v not what the producers think we need to see
  • sandycrafts_Mimi your beautiful why should someone's opinion of you even matter unless their close in your life keep moving forward thats what keeps us inspired. Most people dwell in the past so they hate themselves in the present for mistakes they have made thats no way to live and this is coming from someone who was a addict for 8 years now almost 3 years clean. Just keep doing what your doing 😘
  • flavioushope1461Mimi don't let nobody tell you what to do you're a grown ass woman
  • __successful___1I like the thought
  • prettyme1364Even if I am young don't let that fade you
  • cece_and_mimi_charles8714@thee_lovely_missnae Nae u said it... Read her captain.
  • rastaflameOne Love
  • carmelorios184Cutie pie
  • tyrabarfieldAlways keep a 100
  • xxprincesslexi@prettyisphi my mother is already dead, think again maybe?
  • gangstainkG.I a New Orleans urban Rapper with serious skills, I think dude da dopest artist and deserves 2 be in the industry.. !
  • tashalwalkerLove u on da show n u stayed 100% no matter wat do watcha gotta do for ur fam
  • good_always_in_all_ways_tape them dick suckers SHUT
  • defse7enFavorite picture though
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