meanwhile, back in San Francisco this wee baby house sold for over $2.8 million. whut?!
  • sfgirlbybaymeanwhile, back in San Francisco this wee baby house sold for over $2.8 million. whut?!

  • shoegirlberlinAck! 😜 One of the big reasons that pushed us to get out of the Bay Area. Cost of living is just too high to enjoy life. @ghostbusterette Rents may be going up in Germany, but they're still a fraction of what they are in SF. We couldn't even afford something half the size of our Berlin apartment back there!
  • hooptydooptyLocation, location, location! Crazy ain't it?
  • nuageandcaramel@cecilesalvant Can we afford this?!! 😭
  • kimstagramberlywe're going through the same thing here in brooklyn. i could rant and point fingers for hours but the whole situation is extremely sad and scary. i miss the brooklyn of 5-10 years ago..
  • ghostbusteretteHmm. @shoegirlinde Of course that's true.
  • sfmommy22.8??? How can they justify that??? Has it been completely restored to its original structure, yet retrofitted as well??? It looks very charming, wonder what the history of the house is...
  • sfmommy2Oh wait, some of that 2.8 is for, drumroll please....IT'S OWN PARKING SPACE!!! 😜
  • keamoIt has a garage!
  • keamoLooks well-kept
  • cecilemclorinsalvant@nuageandcaramel Let's do it, cloudyface
  • nanajoyperry@mariewyngaarden 😳
  • everydaypatternBeautiful gallery 🌺 cheers!!
  • sfgirlbybay@sfmommy2 they gutted it. it's not a Victorian on the inside anymore. not sure, but probably retrofitted.
  • ronfernando_@moshimoshhihi 2.8 mil...that's it?! Haha!
  • vicki_bloomfield💛
  • cruzcaraReminds me of the wacko Toronto real estate market. Depressing...unless you're selling.
  • sfgirlbybayback on the market! I guess the offer fell through!
  • 1smileygirlCondos in the North Beach are for sale in the millions. It's so expensive to live in SF but I still love living there.
  • lechienflaneurquelle deal!!!!
  • sfgirlbybayupdate: sold for $3.5 million
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