We have to be loud enough to be heard, in a city this big. #boomphones #pocketspeaker
  • boomphonesWe have to be loud enough to be heard, in a city this big. #boomphones #pocketspeaker

  • majorwilliams👌
  • rob.that.musicianCoppied the carbon audio portable speaker
  • kody_patterson_6Screw u rob_prez2001 they are better than any thing beats ever made and better than carbon audio
  • austinkenworthy@rob_perez2001 this is a joint venture not a copy just so you know @boomphones is the most original company I know
  • rob.that.musicianReally? Yeah I admit the monster beats products really sucked,but the best headphone I've tried is the new studio v2. Fuck the athm50's cus the studios v2 r really clean with bass. And boomphones weren't the best sound when it came to the speaker headphones but it was decent so I ain't expecting much with this product. @kody_warrenco_77
  • rob.that.musicianNo that's the exact desighn of the carbon audio pocket speaker but I'm sure this will sound better @austinkenworthy
  • austinkenworthy@rob_perez2001 joint venture means same product different badging car companies do this a lot its the exact same as the carbon with a boomphones logo on it sounds the same
  • rob.that.musicianSo like beats and monster @austinkenworthy right
  • austinkenworthy@rob_perez2001 sort of monster made things for the beats line but then split off to make their own headphones and they now have nothing to do with the beats anymore
  • rob.that.musicianYeah but I ment how monster made the headphone with sum help of beats and beats marketed the headphones.now it's beats is getn sold to apple so yeah. K I get now
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