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  • alisweeneyThank you so much for being so amazing!!! #daysfansarethebest XXOO

  • angelz_rn4lYou have been my favorite character on days of our lives and you will be missed! Been watching the show since I was 10 yrs old!!!
  • normamagana1Sammy don't leave days of are lives .it s not going to be the same without you 😔
  • cheercoach4ever5I agree,I grew up with u in.this FAVOURITE soap that my mom.hooked my twin& lil sister on.. sadly my twin just passed away unexpectedly& I'm VERY DEVASTATED.. I get my mind off of this as I watch this soap daily,still VERY hard as my twin& I would watch this together..call each other when the other one missed an episode as we filled each other in on whats happening on Days! Dreams of meeting the cast has been VERY real for us for years,we both suffer from a tumors disease daily! Bucket list was meeting the Days cast& being on an episode together..but she's now my angel& ,my lil sis n I are both trying to receive peace that passes all understanding during this unbelievable shock of our unexpected death of my twin..
  • mrsdpmYou are one of the best actresses on Days, and I will miss watching you. Thank you for the years, tears, laughs and always wondering what Sami will do next! Many blessings to you and your family.
  • speaklyfe45I will miss you!!! I have been avid watcher since 1999!! You have made me love hate and despised your character over the years I'm so sad to see you go!! I love you Allison!!
  • tissel80Will miss seeing you on the show. Good luck in your future plans with your family and Biggest Loser. Your children will only stay young for a little while then they will grow up so fast So enjoy every day you can with them. Later for now.
  • jvluvsnyWith you and E J leaving the show I doubt day of our lives will live much longer sad to see you go. I watched you grow up on that show. Good luck in the future
  • dmm258I love watching u on Days and will miss it. But I understand why u r leaving. I have watched Days since I was 7. Hope to see u on other movies or shows.
  • dmm258Always wanted to meet u and the rest of Days Of Our Lives cast.
  • jlknanaI nave been watching Days for over30
  • bklynmami584I have been watching Days for over 30+ years and have enjoyed your character and watching you grow into an amazing actress! You will definitely be missed! There can never be another "Sammy Brady" Good Luck!!
  • morning_angel22Please come back...not sure I can watch with out Sami on it!!
  • sandymay123I watched days for awhile with my mom then I grew up and moved away and stopped watching for afew yrs but my grandma would call and talk to me about what happened on days every other day so it was like I never stopped watching...she passed away..so I started recording it on vcr ha!!! Tells you how long ago that was....its a great show you will be missed..best of luck in all you do!! Seems like you are the glue to the show..hope it does okay without you
  • lynnt8Beautiful!
  • jeremy.baker.564Miss you
  • lonlywoman32Omg my life will be over once your not on the show! Your the only reason I watch DOOL
  • pjellieOMG i have been watching you grow up on Days. You are a wonderful actress and will truly be missed! !
  • christystrohm<3 You will be missed.
  • lmp856Congrats alli you've been such an inspiration
  • nm_17497❤❤❤❤
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