I've never done this before, so... #breastfeeding mamas! Give me all of your nips, I mean tips, for leaving nurslings behind on trips.
  • rachkincaidI've never done this before, so... #breastfeeding mamas! Give me all of your nips, I mean tips, for leaving nurslings behind on trips.

  • rckincaidDon't you get punny with me...
  • happyhopefulsI love your ring!!! Leaving nursling for a trip is hard... Pumping isn't fun, but just keep your pumping schedule on their same eating schedule now and it should all work out... Traveling with breast milk... Will you be flying? If so, DO NOT LET THEM OPEN YOUR MILK!!! There is absolutely no need and then it's contaminated.
  • _imalwaysashleyI keep at least enough for three bottles a day while I'm away on business, and supplemented with formula. She's starting those mushed, organic food packs this week so then I should be able to store even more. But take a big travel cooler/lunchbag with you and stop at fast food places to fill it with ice to keep it all cold. I froze mine in the hotel fridge too.
  • shopburuHave you heard of s'well bottles? They keep things cool for 24 hours. Great for keeping the milk safe. We have one in a chalkboard finish so you can even write the date on it. They were great when we went to Mexico in January.
  • rachkincaid@shopburu that is pretty brilliant!
  • jd47No need to dump while you're away.keep pumping on the regular feeding schedule to keep up supply and tsa is a breeze with it while flying.
  • rachkincaid@jd47 Just not sure I'll have access to a fridge!
  • kpaigepThat ring!! Where'd you get it?? Do tell!
  • jessibridgesPut pumped milk in bottles each labeled (I use masking tape) for the exact day and time to use each, if baby is on a schedule. If you don't want to dump check out the eats on feets FB page to see if there is anyone in the town you'll be in who needs donated milk.
  • rachkincaid@kpaigep Lucky Brand!
  • mommyetc2015What's on your shirt?
  • rachkincaid@cburdick It's from @aktoia/Alaska! A mountaineer with a pipe 😜
  • mommyetc2015That's what I thought I have the same hoodie :) are you from a laksa?
  • mommyetc2015Alaska*
  • rachkincaid@cburdick That's awesome! I spent time there in college and @aktoia always spots my XtraTufs 😉
  • makesomethingbeautiful@rachkincaid just sent you a direct ig :) trips without babies are awesome and hard:)
  • mrs.otis@rachkincaid find a local donate place if you can, like @jessibridges suggested. Lots of mamas in need :) nice shirt by the way ;)
  • chelsiermI love this. Makes me miss it.
  • thegraygangNo advice. Just love the photo.
  • octavieverstraelenCute
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