Roasting Marshmallows back home in Chgo. #happy
  • jennymccarthyRoasting Marshmallows back home in Chgo. #happy

  • nae.cassAwesome! Go hawks!!!
  • bigjdog13Welcome home. Go Blackhawks!
  • dusti_nicholeNice crib @jennyannmccarthy
  • nawikidsLooks like fun
  • markpulseAwwww 😊😊😊
  • haleymweedEvan has gotten so big!! ☺️💛 (ps I'm Leslie Weed's daughter!)
  • qnaveedmEvan has gotten so big!! (Ps I'm my dad's son :p :p)
  • torsdamanI thought I smelled marshmallows roasting last night. @jennyannmccarthy
  • princesstap31Happy Birthday Evan
  • eyeramona@jennyannmccarthy I just wanted to tell you I can't wait for the day you're sued for wrongful death of the thousands of children that die from your idiotic false rantings. You're a serial killer of the worst kind.
  • maddyragsLooks like so much fun. Can't wait to go camping!! 🔥
  • sscalfaroAwesome! And pretty sure the rude comment above should stop following you if they are so bitter. As parents we are all allowed to make our own decisions. Enjoy your son and fun weekend.
  • natersadventures#Adorable
  • franci.__Ha! Minecraft engineer. Our boys are on the same life path.
  • rebeccathornburgI do not believe in vaccines either and I have worked in the medical field for over 25 years. No one should post such hateful comments just because they disagree.
  • tarilynjune@rebeccathornburg Then you are terribly misinformed. I'm sure pregnant women everywhere are so happy to be surrounded by children who aren't vaccinated. It can be detrimental to pregnant women and their fetuses to be exposed to PREVENTABLE DISEASES. It's also harmful to expose the "very very's" which since you are in health care I'm sure you know means the very young, and the very old. It's a step backwards and is harmful to hinder heard immunity.
  • madawhatmadawhomadelineAwe this makes me miss geneva !
  • 1_kellieDear Jen there is a group called mothers against autistic children on Facebook using a photo of u n ur child...... it is a hate crime against autism if u could please help is end this please help us shut them down !!!!!!!!!!!
  • darbi1012Awe I'm happy for Evan he looks like he was having fun
  • darbi1012I'm sorry but vaccines do not cause autism, this is something that happens in the womb
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