I really love this picture! congrats to my baby sister @blakewhy1
  • katiebyeagerI really love this picture! congrats to my baby sister @blakewhy1

  • londonerheartbeatCongrats to the newly weds! She looks beautiful
  • mkesoul24Future dependaaaa! @milicaxo
  • rejostNo judgement, just amazed at different cultures... A senior getting married is just unheard of here. Congrats to her
  • mandaakateeI hope they last. I think she's too young to truly know what real love is. But congrats and I wish them the the best!
  • tonyygirlThere's probably a reason she got married he's in the service and most the time you need to be married to them to go with them or to get the benefits and shit. So they probably wanted to so if he got stationed somewhere she could go with him
  • mrstoddonealCongrats to them! @mandaakatee @rejost92 @katiebyeager I got married my senior year of high school as well and on may 9th celebrated 10 yrs of marriage! Everyone's maturity level is diff so dont knock it.
  • xi__viiUnless you ARE military, it's hard to understand the lifestyle. People are so quick to pass judgment. Good for her for standing by him.
  • rejost@mrstoddoneal wasn't aware that I was knocking it. I was pointing out cultural differences, and how cool they are. The average she to get married here is mid thirties.
  • danielle_hucksMy husband is in the military and we got married at 18
  • kt7714Absolutely adorable!
  • rachellanemayShe looks beautiful @katiebyeager
  • busybnfabulousMarried happily since I was 19, I'm 27 now, this December will be 9 years. 😊
  • megan_willard@xi__vii thank you!!! Nobody understands the military lifestyle unless they're part of it. Nobody will ever understand why people get married young, or get married quick, or get married and then have another wedding later. To everyone else maybe she got married bc SHE'S IN LOVE and doesn't wanna go another day without him? Ever think about that?? They could of dated for 4 years... Nobody knows unless you're them.
  • beckyannphillipsI got married my junior year of high school. 8 1/2 years and almost 5 babies later...happy as ever! Sometimes you just know what's right. Best wishes to them!
  • casey_abbott11My husband is in the army as well. Good luck with the lifestyle change, I would trade it for the world because of the man he is and I love
  • __shannonomorganThis isn't a dig and congrats but because she has such a baby face she looks like she's playing dress up but I also have a baby face so I'll probably look like that even if I get married at 30 haha
  • __shannonomorganI didn't say anything horrible! I said it wasn't a dig and that I would be the same! @samkrienke_
  • etzzleyLol so that's why she got married 😂
  • assfield23Yeah I feel you @rejost92 , even just up here in RI it's unheard of to get married in high school...again though, that's just a funny cultural difference, not saying that either way is wrong. It's just funny that people from different areas have such different attitudes, even though we don't actually live all that far from each other!
  • shan77713No one has room to judge we all do things others dont like. They are happy its their life so let it be and move on. Congrats again the wedding was amazing :)
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