Pretty much sums it up!
  • mikedirntPretty much sums it up!

  • greendaygirl9I'm sorry to hear about Brittney, sending all my love and support to you and Brittney! You guys can fight this! I believe in you! Kick cancers ass!
  • amanda.innit@letsfcancer
  • linddssswYou have no idea how much you mean to me, Mike. I just know in my heart that you a Brittney can beat this. You're in my thoughts.
  • simsruffino@mc_debard
  • alicecastro3Stay strong
  • sylvaine_unoxxMike,Britt, stay strong i'm with you ! And all idiots are with you! We love you so so much we are a family and we 'll be with you forever <3 love you @-}-- <3 dear brother and sister <3
  • anastasia.deribezovaStay strong, all be ok!!))
  • greendaygirl9Ever since I going out about Brit having breast cancer, I have decided to wear a pink ribbon everyday on my shirt. I even bought some breast cancer awareness pens
  • evelynrobertsLife can be a beach, see what I did there? Stay strong both of you! It will soon be over soon! #fuckcancer @mike_dosxx
  • mikeydamirDas true
  • evelynrobertsHey there @mike_dosxx 👋
  • ebrunassi@mike_dosxx , my mother had cancer , me and my familiy found out at my birthday , in my instagram have a photo with her!now she is healed and everything is right! @batmansmom will be fine! Just trust! 😃👊💪
  • jackofjensenAgreed, my dad died of cancer in 2009. I was 9 at the time
  • _derekotooleMy dad died of cancer 2012
  • rainysolgraceMy husband's bladder cancer is in recession (that he got at 26! Wtf?! Right?!) & now, @almost 29, no signs still). He just had to quit smoking for most part (cigs), eat healthier, exercise, & stay positive =) ~no chemo! & sis in law fought leukemia for past 15-16 yrs all natural! Stay positive & strong! Mwa!
  • saturnonaut#FuCancer
  • saturnonautcancer sucks, but not for free :/
  • giorgiapiantaStay strong Britt ✌️ @mike_dosxx @batmansmom
  • nuclearbuddahfuck cancerrrrr
  • blazewolf21@mike_dosxx I remember in my 4th and 5th grade years there was a kid who had brain cancer and he lost his battle with his brain cancer it was really sad the kid was only 11 when he died
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