• freeform.igAww love this @italiaricci
  • ofe_barriga@italiaricci love that your representing us! Enjoy & honor the role of April! Your great for that! Looking forward to it!😘💕 #cancersucks
  • candydispencer21Thank you for doing this show! My mom had cancer and fought as hard as she could but didn't make it and it makes me happy the abc family made a show where the character fights and doesn't give up! Thank you @italiaricci for doing this show! And for all of you out there going through this tough battle good luck, don't give up, and I wish you all the best!! 😊
  • ali_powers28Thanks for this @italiaricci thanks for fighting for us and for giving us a voice, especially the young adults. Having cancer as a young adult is hard because you don't fit in with the childhood cancer group and you don't fit in with the people who are 40+ and there are a lot of us but were all spread out. That's the tough part. So thanks for being here for the young adults who go through cancer too, who just want to live there life like a normal person would. #cancersucks #fcancer
  • lesliealverezx💪💪💪💪💖💖💖💖
  • javalos1109@italiaricci I am a NYC teacher and I have a 9 year old student in my class who has been batteling neuroblastoma since he was 6, he has been in my classroom since last year and will be with us again next year! Everyday when I look at him I pray for a cure! This breaks our hearts, we love him so!! Thank you for bringing this struggle to light!!
  • italiaricci@javalos1109 what a little badass!!! I hope he keeps fighting! You're so wonderful to share his story 💛
  • kguest22Feel free to support my friends 11 year old son who is battling leukemia. Go to Relay for life, somers NY and donate to his team, Daniel Strong. Thanks! #fuckcancer
  • ladydb16Amazing! You have really inspired my baby sister Ofelia Barriga Leukemia survivor, thank you! We are really looking forward to "chasing life" @italiaricci
  • chanz_123Fuck cancer
  • robin_campos3As a person fighting leukemia right now it's nice to actually watch a cancer show that is incredibly accurate! I've been fighting for about a year and a half now. At first I was really hesitant about watching the show. After the first episode a bunch of my friends texted me and insisted that I watched it. So I did.... I cannot wait for what's to come! This show is defiantly going to help me through this journey. Thank you! @italiaricci
  • kris5594@marchingfox16 I hope and pray that u get better really soon. Continue to stay strong and always have a great support system every step of the way.
  • orangeblossoms47I think it's incredible that you have that strong girl's comment printed out there. I understand struggle and denial and feeling afraid and confused. I don't have cancer but I have a kidney disease and have had multiple infectious diseases, chronic illnesses, for the past decade plus, and I'm 25 now. I really understand what April is going through. I feel like we have similar stories and I feel for her every minute of her life as it unfolds. I applaud your work on the show. I feel like chronic illnesses aren't talked about enough and I love being able to relate to a television show! Thank you for inspiring me!
  • gahhitslayJust asking, do u really have cancer in real life
  • simplymarielys@_fearlessnayely
  • jennxfabNo @lxddla_
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