Preview of a work in progress. It was a long time since I worked on something *new* for Minecraft, so I'm enjoying myself. #minecraft
  • jebkhailePreview of a work in progress. It was a long time since I worked on something *new* for Minecraft, so I'm enjoying myself. #minecraft

  • dp_theclasherUhh, thats because tommaso and Johan havent untill today...
  • comedy_6983From what I know, we will may expect the update to come out in late June or early July. This is because the beta testing which takes 1-2 weeks plus the apple store has to approve it which takes another 1-3 weeks. So either late June or early July we can expect the update
  • camtothemaxSo basicly the update will be coming June11-July19 @chuckie_6983
  • comedy_6983Just heard some news relating to MCPE. The beta for android may come out tomorrow or even some time tonight. This depends if the devs fix the 7 minor bugs
  • sarahuden@chuckie_6983 calm down. It will come out when it comes out. Jeb has a lot on his plate right now. So please be patient.
  • comedy_6983This is a new generated structure. jeb on his twitter said that their will also be a new hostile mob, not a shark but maybe a sea monster.
  • markgtsr@chuckie_6983 Maybe Zombie Squid LoL😄
  • orionskrzypiec@chuckie_6983 in a mindcrack podcast dinnerbone said something about a kraken AKA a giant squid so that might be what it is
  • comedy_6983@orionaboss True. Earlier on Jebs twitter, he did mention about it killing squids, so it may be a kraken or some sea monster
  • ary_garciaDoes anyone of you guys know if you can actually breed wolves on 0.9.0 update??
  • comedy_6983@ary_garcia yes you will be able to tame wolves in 0.9.0.
  • ary_garciaI know @chuckie_6983 but breed??
  • orionskrzypiec@chuckie_6983 I feel like they're changing the oceans mainly in this update, with the readdition of sponge and these things, who knows what else is apon us
  • ary_garciaThanks @a_guppy_betta_turtle1404 it really helped me!!
  • jcole327That looks awesome @jebkhaile
  • wyatt_abbottWow I'm EXICTED
  • koda_ameliaOMGOMGOMGOMG SO EXCITED I will actually crap myself going into these - I have this phobia of MC oceans and rivers for some reason. O.O
  • jonasbergens@jebkhaile kommer det finnas några kistor med typ någon form av vädefull loot i templet? :)
  • isaacdonehueIt looks AWESOME
  • mustafaaltafNice
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