Father daughter
  • katiebyeagerFather daughter

  • __torigrayMost people who are in army relationships marry very young, in case something happens @lindsay1193
  • cassy__mae12Why does it matter? If she found love early on, so be it @lindsay1193 should we ask why you had a kid so early? Rude people
  • __torigray@cassy__mae exactly! :)
  • tres_workman93I got married at 18 & we're still together 3 years later (: my husband is in the army too! Also if they get married she will get benefits (ex. insurance, housing, etc.) but that's if he's active duty.
  • mikeleenaaaShe wasn't being rude, she was just asking why she was getting married. Regardless, congrats to the couple and Katie you look beautiful!
  • lindsay1193@tori_gray94 oh okay I get it thanks I live in France and I guess it different here. @tres_workman93 well good for you girl, hope it'll last and yeah if she gets benefits that's great then !
  • strappalappaYou're a hottie
  • sarah_lynn182So pretty Katie :)
  • alinoah706No one understands young marriage unless they've experienced it! No shame! Married at 18 years old! Going on 20 years old. My marriage is going strong 😊 (Neither of us are in the military and I wasn't pregnant at the time.)
  • melodingle@lindsay1193 people with a significant in the military genrally get married early so they can get benefits such as on base housing medical care and in case something happens life insurance.
  • melodingleSignificant other*
  • kass_martBlake looks gorgeous!! So do you! Did your dad cry? Lol @katiebyeager
  • mrs_knmaceI don't see how being married to someone in the military is comparable to getting married while pregnant....
  • katiebyeager@kass_mart like a baby during their daddy daughter dance
  • wiscomama85@katiebyeager You all look fantastic! Congrats to your sister and her new husband!!
  • ck011409you are both so pretty! hope you had a fun time you deserve all the good things in the world @katiebyeager
  • jessica_lumbyThe best part about a wedding, watching the groom as the bride walks down the aisle. That look he has on his face at that point shows you so much.
  • calzobOmgosh you look amazing!
  • kass_mart@katiebyeager oh I knew he would! He seemed so excited when he was telling me she was getting married :)
  • kellieamurrayMy parents married young and they are still happily maried 52 years later. Don't judge people. Just wish them well. Congrats. You both look amazing.
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