A birthday donut from my babes... #happymama
  • torispellingA birthday donut from my babes... #happymama

  • missnikkiwooYOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON! Thank you for sharing your story with us all. Know that we are all in your corner cheering you on.
  • kschutz82Stella is such a cutie!
  • d_jags94Been watching ur show. So many women have been thru this. U r in the raw stage right now. U will have a new, different love. The different life will either make or break u guys. I hope the new normal is something u can live with. My heart aches for the kids. Xoxo
  • lanita73bTori may god be with u and Your family .
  • lanita73bHave faith trust and believe in god u will get threw it .
  • jen4nyyMy heart breaks for you. I hope you guys find your way back. It's so much easier said than done. It will never be the 'same', but hopefully you two will be stronger than ever.
  • mini_confettiHappy belated birthday!! Glad your children made your day special!
  • belindap39Luv u Tori, glad u had a great birthday with the kids! You're not alone, and u are stronger than u think darling ..stay strong and watch your health sweetie! XOXO <3
  • jcoleman79@torianddean I think your doing great with everything thing that is going on in your life many prays for your family....🍀🎆🎉
  • saltlife74Need to focus on those beautiful kids. I know he's hurt you deeply but when it's all said, and done are you really surprised? I mean it's how you both met, he was married for years then. The kids didn't ask for this!
  • cbutler37You are an amazing mother!!! Keep up the great but hard work from one mommy to another luv ya always n keep you head held high, and remember you did nothing wrong.
  • deannalyn15Beautiful picture!! @torianddean
  • rissaglendenning@bunnymock
  • malilouneTu es belle au naturel
  • fashionable_china👍👍👍
  • blessed_with1@torispelling girl stay strong u remind me of someone I know so be strong I love n n miss seeing ur mom.
  • homebysheri@torispelling LOVE you in glasses!
  • countryhope81Happy birthday
  • hjsmith27@ylimesmith
  • maaritheidik😘💙💖💖😍
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